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LnG's RawVeganBodybuilder Video Blog; CONTEST TOMORROW

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Looks as if im popular even in your house! Ha Ha. Ill try and get some videos of me giving shout outs and what not this weekend. Funny stuff bro. I want a colonic too... Ha Ha. Had an offer for you and RC from facebook. Since Im not in the OR area I could not accept. It was for a professional photo shoot out in a nature setting. Id take him up on it if he has already contacted you. If not, then get with me and Ill let ya know who it is.


Keep it up man. Not long til the show.

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Hey brother, you and Robert can laugh at me after I have been so down on not getting enough sleep and over training. I did it last week and am recovering. I spent the week in England doing martial arts and came back to get stranded in NYC after a sword seminar. Run down and tired, my sciatic nerve is killing me. I know better rest and stretching would alleviate the problem, but I do things I shouldn't anyway. MMMM, someday when I am a more advanced soul, I won't do it anymore.


You look great. In a few weeks you will be on stage wowing them with how lean you are. Keep up the great work, get some rest, and I am looking forward to seeing the photos. I hope we get a chance to meet next time I am home.



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RC yea we're going to do it!!!!! 12 days, is it really only 12 DAYS from the local "mini" show that we'll be doing right here in Portland?????? What a great way to get re-acclimated to being on stage for the Pheonix, AZ show which is only 26 days away!!!!!!!!


I need to take some of the nervousness away. More practice posing necessary more learning. I need to pick a song out, i need to hit all my mandatories and be comfortable with them i need to get some modified mandatory poses and get them on point for the night show and choreograph them to a song. Good God! All in 12 days oh boy this is going to be a doosey. All the more to be even better prepared for the 25th and make a great presence locally


It's on my brother in iron. Let do some posing wed night as well it's CRUCIAL.


hmmmm???? YEAH BUDDY >:-)




Northwestern USA Natural

Bodybuilding Championships +

Oregon State Forever Natural


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Clackamas High School

14486 SE 122nd Ave.

Clackamas, OR 97015

Contest Info Special Info


Ms. Fitness

Ms Physique

Ms. Figure

Model Search

Contest includes all classes

Entry forms must be recieved two weeks prior to the competition date!





Days Inn Portland South

9717 SE Sunnyside Rd

Clackamas, OR 97015


Contact: Jim Marks


3 Years Drug Free

Qualifer for Ms. Fitness USA

National Qualifier




Registration & Testing: Saturday Morning at 8am at

The Host Hotel

Days Inn

9717 SE Sunnyside Rd.

Clackamas, OR 97015


Prejudging and Main Show will be held at:


Clackamas High School

14486 SE 122nd Ave.

Clackamas, OR 97015


Prejudging: 1pm

Main show: 6pm

Ticket prices:

Pre judging: $15

Main show: $25, $35

Vip package: $45 (prejudging and a main show ticket first eight rows)


Cash ONLY at the Door!




For info Contact ABA/INBA Main Office (951) 734-3900

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Yeah, Lean and Green and I are doing a warm-up show. It won't take anything away from the show where Octo, Lean and I all make it happen in AZ with some media support, family support, friend support, etc. where we make history. But as Lean said, this is a small local show in Portland we're going to use as a warm-up, just locking down our posing routines, getting feedback from the judges after the show, etc. something to help us prepare for the Big Daddy coming up April 25th in AZ!


Should be fun!


It is the day after I return from Chicago so I basically get off a plane, go to sleep, wake up, throw some tan on and get on stage. In this specific contest, I've placed 1st in 05, and 2nd in 07. I only compete in "odd" years so 09 works too


Yeah buddy!

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yes it is most definitely a 'warmup' but is still worth noting. But as mentioned, the BIG show and what we're working up towards is in 26 days. I've changed the title of my vlog to once again reflect that. Hope that makes sense to all!


The little show, we're not coming in at peak conditioning at all but we'll look tight and we'll see what up and it will make us feel more comfortable with posing and being judged and performance. YB


but stay tuned for 3 vegans tearing it up on stage together in 26 days!!!!!!!!!

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So what happens if it is just RC and LnG in the middleweights....who's going to be top dawg in PDX. I finished 1st and 2nd in the past....hopefully there are more than just 2 of us, but if it is just the two of us in PDX, I'll be back to 1st or 2nd again


I prefer when there are more. There were only 3 when I was first and 3 when I was 2nd so it is usually a small show...still looking forward to it.


Of course we wait until AZ, 26 days from now to find out if I lose my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We're doing this to make a statement for veganism but I also look forward to the friendly battle and seeing either:


RC 1 LnG 0




LnG 1 RC 0



Then we battle it out in AZ and maybe in Bend with DCNINJA...who knows, once we get on stage, it's like an addiction and we'll be searching the internet for any contest we can find


See you tomorrow brother.

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Yeah, I think it will be a good idea too....get us warmed up for the Big Show in AZ and the showdown with Octopussoir which is a long time in the making!


I can't wait for all 3 of us to get on stage together as Vegan Brothers in Iron. I really, really and excited about it. We've worked so hard as a team to make history for veganism and it will be awesome.


Thanks again to everyone who has supported us! Loans and donations are still coming in. It warms my heart to get this kind of support.


Lean and Green...showdown in the gym tomorrow....let's hammer it old school like LnG and RC know how to do it!

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This one's great! Had alot of fun with it and I think it gives good insight to my final 4 weeks


23 _ What do you eat before compeition Giacomo? _ ( 03 / 31/ 09)

25 days out! Prepacked all my meals for the next 25 days (with the exception of fresh sprouts that need to be prepared once every 1-2 weeks. I like this vlog alot. Worth checkin out. Lots of cool stuff not just my usual blabbering. Ok well that too but good stuff as well lots!

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I already miss your blabby blabby talk talk talk.. Hi great v-log. I hope you store the food on the celling so the devil dog doesn't get a hold on it >:-) Thanks for your kind words this morning. I could of use you to spot me on my temped DB 30lb shoulder press. Almost made it up but dropped them down made a loud pounding noise. You know like how you do it

Calulis big time on me. I was deadlifting 90 lb today and I felt my skin ripping. My second round this evening. I bought some synthetic gloves. Felt a bit better. But I'm sure they'll feel fine as soon as my skin grows over.

I was doing DB rows on a flat bench. Left for one second to grab a heavier weight. My sweater and water was right behind it. Some wench grabs it. I'm like Jesus ! I went in front of the weights and did rows, placing my hand on the stand. YB ! I now have a bodybuilding Giacomo attitude


I thought of you when this song came on ? Do you remember you blasting this when you were tossing Joey around in the car?




I love you Giacomo Marchese <3 See you soon

Love your Washer

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#Johan; see just how warped pre comp gets you? I miss fruit soooOOOOOOOOO much.


That link you posted didn't embed. Here, let me help you with that!!!!




I was actually discussing song choices for my posing routine and how it's supposed to represent me and she was like go do the stupid ting ting song that you prance aroudn to all day long every day. WOW HIT IT ON THE HEAD; I declared and she was like oh god.....


Hmmmmmmmmm.... I wonder? LOL I need something stupid annoying and horrendously catchy as it best describes me. Perhaps not this but i dunno. Throw Some D's???? ahhh...


Encore, cookin raw with the brooklyn boy? jayz? not sure. perhaps


I need to figure it out by sunday the latest. It's going to be a looooong weekend with hard work to figure this out. I'm on it!


yhx for the love too btw girl

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Great blog Giacomo! I love seeing the "behind the scenes" nutrition. I gotta hit you up soon so we can train.


Dude, I listen to that ting tings song too and my girlfriend laughs her ass off. haha. I couldn't believe I saw that video posted here.


How'd your iron pumping go with RC the other night?

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Dude, you are looking CRAZY good lately!


bvp663 and I were chatting about that after posing today.


You're looking awesome man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For real!


Very well done! I'm inspired to do more and do better as a result.

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I couldn't agree more.....he has always been well prepared....in fact I just packed my VEGA bag and now I'm off to the gym, armed with what I will need before, during and post exercise...standard operating procedure but not always followed by many people....Giacomo follows it well and that has been one of the cornerstone's of his success.

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@ mikkei. YO was awesome meeting and training yesterday I was telling thendanisays how cool you guys were and how I am excited to chill when I have more time i.e. when this comp concludes and the work on it dies down a bit. Hardcore btw; you're tuff man. Hopefully monday at 3:30 continues to work for the both of us and i'll see you at hollywood 2hr


@Robert; yea if I could only learn how to flex properly and become more aware of my body. I'm working on it. So many different things pop out once I can bring them out. My body is so sore right now; Bam is gonna be flippng ot on me in that workshop lol. I'm, gonna do my darndest! Only 21 days away from the big one and 7 from this show that i still haven't even gotten a routine for yet. No worries. Makin it happen now


@MaryStella; I actually dreamt that I met you and just realized it now as i'm reading your posts to say thank you. How odd! I was extremely happy I got to see the dedication and hardworking MaryStella in person. You were buffed out but humble. Thank for your continued to support. It keeps me going


Posing group workshop today in about 2 hours. No time lately to film vlog or breath. Only slept 5 1/2 hrs last night SUCKS but i have too much on my mind and it's also too busy. Really annoying but it's all good. I work until late at night tonight. I would like to sleeeeeeep deeeeeeep into sunday and then sunday into monday as well. My body will be so happy


A cool vlog or 3 to shoot in the next coming days soon as i can squeeze em in budday


did i mention my bf test was conducted on thursday with a hydrostatic weighing procedure?


7.3% 177lbs; 164lbs lean body weight / 13lbs fat


I intend on dropping down between 3-4% by April 25th. Below 3% you're not going to look any diff, just the fat that surrounds your internal organs and protects them will start to leave which is no good. I've been there before and it's damaging. Not necessary; need to regulate these things It will be interesting to see how it pans out. I may lose too much and have to slow it down. Regimen is very strict right now..... I'm on it!

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You are on it. You're so determined ! It's very inspiring.


It was great talking to you last night. I was wondering if you recieved my last txt. I wasn't sure if it went through because it was too long or not.


Take care and I have your shirt on you gave to me. Thinking of you my very great friend. I'm so proud of you, RC and Jimi. I wish so much I could still be there training with you guys.


Well that's life, I know you're with me no matter how far we are.

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LnG! Great workout last night. It was great to finally meet you. You look even more shredded in person! haha. Thank for helping out with my form on those barbbell rows and teaching me to use wrist straps. We're totally still on for Monday, so I'll see you there brother. Get some good sleep tonight and I'll send you a PM about that mushroom recipe and the dog thing.

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