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I love how


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It is something that spreads quickly...it's so care-free and fun....I yelled it while pressing 105's in each hand today with Lean and Green spotting.


There were a lot of Yeah Buddies.....


It is something that Tasha, thendanisays, Lean and Green and I say everyday in person or via text message...octo and others are known to communicate that way to me too.


I've said it in front of and to Ronnie Coleman on a number of occasions...he actually thinks it's pretty funny...and when I really try, I can sound like him

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You mean...........Yeah buddy!


I just got a phone call at 1:15AM from Lean and Green who was just getting home from the gym from his 2nd workout today and answered with......."Yeah buddy!"


I'm still awake too, but exhausted and off to bed...buddy. I don't have a "bed buddy",....but I just end every phrase with "buddy"..........buddy.

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I knew you were gone and I mentioned it to a few people in person in Portland that I missed you on the forum....I always notice when you're away since you help run the place


I also go away for days at at time....never quite a week, only when we had our website crash was I gone that long


Welcome back....glad you're saying "yeah buddy" where you are too

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