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Wanted to start a training journal here so i figured I should introduce myself first. I am 26 years old guy from Sweden. I live in Stockholm with my girlfriend.


My vegan history is not that long but I became a vegetarian at age 14 and a some time later I became vegan. That didn't hold that long since my health was weak and my nutrition knowledge was pretty slim so I fell back to became ovo-lacto vegetarian.


Three years ago the doctors found out I actually was a gluten intolerant and my stomach was in pretty bad shape. But after taking out the gluten and lactose from my diet my stomach got better. Around a year ago a decided going vegan again full time since I didn't eat any dairy products and the egg wasn't really part of diet. My girlfriend has been a vegan for 11 years so we don't have any argues about the food except when I am eating up her expensive vegan candy.


I study full time on my masters in engineering and is a nerd the rest of the time.


But now I shall start typing on my first post in my training journal.


Take care.

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Welcome to the group!


Great to have you here. You know what....I'm a nerd most of the time too and I like it that way


Great to see there are others from your area as well. I hope you enjoy our forum community. All the best and welcome aboard!

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