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BEST VBBF HAIR contest 2009; prize awarded!! (stay tuned)

Lean and Green

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I love hair and great hair more than anything in the world. I miss mine so much that i'm creating this contest to fulfill the void of having lost one of my greatest assets of for the love of the game in an effort to force Robert Cheeke to cut his! >:)


In the meanwhile, I would like to offer to the contest winner, a FREE SALADACCO (vegetable spiralizer), which essentially makes spaghetti pasta and noodles out of vegetables like Zucchini and Daikon.



Please submit entries within a timely fashion, say, by the second week of February? Hopefully we get a good number of selections to choose from at which point I will create a poll. The person with the most votes after a weeks worth of voting will receive the saladacco in the mail and I will take care of shipping and all I already have it ready to go as well, so you won't have to wait for it.


So cmon? Who wants to start getting some pasta made? Lets see some crazy hairdos! Recent pics please

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Zack, you know what? GO FOR IT. It doesn't have to be recent, just date the pic so it can add to the wonderful display of great hair over the years from vbbf members. I'd like to get a good showing for this, so pics from whenever!


VIVA Let's see it! Doesn't have to be hair on head; this should be interesting......


RobertSupreme, lol, yeah buddy!!!

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Okay, here are a couple of photos before the chop, not sure exactly when they were, probably autumn last year, and then a photo from the other day







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  • 2 weeks later...

My wildest hair style EVAR!




And some more:









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This thread has been up for awhile; i've decided to give it until this friday (2/27) and then close it. Perhaps if we put a timeframe on it we can get more entries down to the wire. Great ones so far, all of you.


Where is the big trash talking ZACK and his emo styles of old? Turku...??? I may comb VBBF a little bit this weekend and just put up some others who are always on and may not have enough time to post and put them in the ballot.


Thanks all

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