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BEST VBBF HAIR contest 2009; prize awarded!! (stay tuned)

Lean and Green

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early 2007...




late 2007...







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JessiFly, as long as i haven't created the poll yet it's fair game. But as soon as I chance I will; last minutes??? By monday morning for sure it'll be up finalized.


Anyhow, that will just force you to create another contest in which you can ship it to the winner!!! I'll take care of the costs if you win for another contest

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  • 2 weeks later...
Uhh... still no poll? I could win this one - I have Black Sabbath hair.

I'll take a pic tomorrow.


been really, really busy man but i will make it a point to do this. Not a long procedure just not on the main priority list at the moment. i'll get on it but if anyone else squeezes in before i create poll it's fair game

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