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Rob on TV for Peta


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Hey, just thought I'd post this. I was chatting with someone on myspace and they were like, 'hey, you're that guy from the TV commercial."


I was like, "yeah I filmed a commercial a couple of years ago but haven't seen the new Peta version."


So the person sent me a link, and here it is:




I still haven't seen it, even though I got the link a couple of days ago


But I have the original at home so I doubt that Peta changed it much. It was originally filmed for VegSeatte (www.vegseattle.com).


So check it out.......and remember it was a couple of years ago. I don't have the sideburns now

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Oh cool, both of you guys saw it. I just posted it like 5 minutes ago Yeah, I actually still haven't seen the Peta version (but I assume it is the same as the original, maybe different music or something). But my neighbors and some of my friends have seen it on TV. One of my friends from Hawaii saw it as well. I met him in Oregon and didn't know him real well, but he was friends with some of my friends, and anyway, I guess while I was out on ship the commerical was aired in Hawaii and he called up our mutual friend and said, "what is Cheeke doing on TV?!" so it's cool to know that some people saw it on TV or via the internet.


Thanks for cheking it out!

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Thanks, I'm glad you like it.......and just so everyone knows, I was vegan during the time of the filming. I've been vegan for about 10 years now and we used the word "Vegetarian" because more people are familiar with it and can associate with the term.


I actually haven't even seen the Peta version yet I don't use volume on my computer and usually have slow connection but I'll watch it soon.


My friend's dad just told me he saw it last week on TV in Oregon. I forgot to ask him which channel.


I've heard MTV, Food Network, and Comedy Central.


Thanks again for watching it. Remember it was filmed back in 2003, but I guess I still look about the same. Still blonde, no sideburns though, and I guess I'm probably bigger and more muscular and not quite as cute


Take care everyone,



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Thanks man,


I try. I've improved a lot since that commercial as well (as hopefully recent 2004 and 2005 photos will show).


I finally saw the Peta version of the commercial as well. I watched it last night on my friend's computer (which is faster than mine). It is the same as the one that I saw, so they didn't really change anything, just added the Peta details at the end.


Yeah, it's funny, my neighbor saw it on TV, a friend in Hawaii saw it on TV another friend in Oregon saw it, and others from various places have e-mailed saying they've seen it.


I think it plays all over the US but probably only like once a day or something........so don't sit around waiting for it


I'm glad you all like it. I hope to be filming more of them in the near future.


Have a great day!

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great commercial! i've watched it shortly after you posted, but forgot to leave a comment

showed it to some of my friends and they were like "what, he's a vegan? never!"

hope that people say the same about me one day!

keep up your good work!

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I love the dialogue and you have such a cute voice - it WAS cool to put a voice to the face after all these years.


I love the part where you wait to flex your bionic biceps til the end of the announcement. That was really effective.


Thanks for helping PETA and thereby, the animals.



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I know a bunch of NEW members have joined in the past month or so and may have missed this.


I just watched it tonight for fun, I've only actually seen it a few times.


But anyway, this is what I look and sound like (or did back in 2003 when it was filmed in Seattle).


Just thought I'd share it.


I've got a full-length movie coming out in late November of this year that I hope all of you will get. Brendan Brazier and Tonya Kay are also in the film as well as many other random people.


Anyway, enjoy the TV commercial :





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