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Octopussoir's '09-'10 BB'ing Competitions

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2 hours of cardio last night. Rode the bike for an hour at level 8(avg speed 82rpm) and went 13.25. Tried to keep the same pace the whole time. Then I jumped on the treadmill 3%incline at 3.5mph for an hour. After 30min I looked like a zombie almost.


Went to store after to buy salad stuff and this is what I made:

whole spinach container 5oz, 6 Campari tomatoes, half a cucumber, couple handfuls of watercress, shredded carrots, red grapes, brick of extra firm tofu, and some Mediterranean garlic olive oil(very little).


Man it was good! Actually haven't had a salad in a couple weeks and I was proud of myself for finishing it all!


Today will be some upperbody. Let's see how the ol' tendinitis is doing. Hopefully I can make it through a whole workout this damn time

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Thrs night workout was some chest and some back.


Ive been having all sorts of problems with elbows and a couple back injuries so Ive laid off of Tris/Bis and some upper.


Here are some pics I took today in the bathroom(propped up on soap dispenser) and I was not pumped. So Im sure my back will look better/bigger once I can get it pumped and some pics taken.


Upper back is lookin better, but still not great, nor where I want it to be. Ive been doing some shrugs lately and I can see where its working.







Ill do some arms and abs tonight.




Ive gotta get the camera to adjust to the lighting that Im going to use. Some times it comes up as orange(in the gym) and then it comes up like this in the pics.

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@Paz,Shesfit,Lobster,Jason- Thanks. I feel I still have another year or two before Ill ever pull a first place in a contest, but im still here trying.


The one thing I feel holds me back in a way is that I have no workout partner that is up to my "level" of training and seriousness. Any time i actually let someone workout with me they always fail to show up the next time or we are just off on muscle groups. I love having someone push me, but I hate having to come up with the exercises all the time or TELLING the person to come spot me when we are working out. People know im a trainer and act like its my job to come up with everything even when im not on the clock... gets frustrating.


Today I havent done anything but chill out. Ive had a Sunwarrior shake in water, some roasted(unsalted) soy nuts, falafel, and not much more...


Im still 6 weeks out and I feel I have not too much more bodyfat to lose, but its all around my stomach and im getting tired of this strict "diet" ive placed myself on since Dec.



@JasonX- here is a thread I made when my arm was complete: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=19653

Ive also noticed around my elbow there is a skull design that I think the artist snuck in even though he denies it. lol

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Preworkout: 1 scoop NOXPLODE(orange) and 2 scoops Vega Sport(lemon lime)


I went in tonight to workout. Went to go do legs. Did 3 sets on leg press and some leg xtns and ® knee started to ache and I couldnt quite get into lifting.



I need to do some tris to test our my elbows and it went pretty well. I was able to go heavy without any pain. Tris swelled pretty nicely too. Did a few sets of incline db with the 80's(x10ea) and went with some lighter weight to rep out. I also did some db shoulder presses. Nothing too special. Felt bored and not too into it as it was a few hours later than usual. I got on the treadmill for 30min to end workout. Will hit gym early tomorrow after some a.m. cardio. And then hopefully tom afternoon. Need to burn some of this extra fat/skin off in six weeks.

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I hit legs up today and I must say its been one of my better leg days. I took a preworkout powder and I felt spacey after most sets on..


Here it goes:


warmup: 20min precore,

75 prison bench sqts x 3 sets, 50rev crunches x 3 sets...

Upright calf machine: 150x20x3, 205x20x3, 250x20x3


Barbell Squats:









and then I lowered safety bars a slot and did 5 total(2 hitting bars and 3 not). I can feel quads separate when doing them.




Decline situps: 35lbx25x4sets, 45x25, 55x25.



Leg Xtns:

(1st set toes straight and feet together/2nd set toes out)






30min cardio on treadclimber afterwards.



I havent hit 315 in about 3-4yrs(since before i went vegan) and I must say it felt great to finally bend my knees with the weight on there. Before when I posted this weight I just kept it on my back and never bent knees, but today was different. Today I said fuck it and bent my damn knees!!! I didnt go parallel or really even near it, but know I know within a few weeks Ill be back at it doing 315 for 5 parallel.

Each time I went down to the safety bars I could feel my quads separate and boy was it a great feeling! Excited to finally be able to put 315 back on.


When I was first able to do 315lbs on squat it took me 10 or 11 months of lifting to get up there. I was only able to get 5 at best but it was A2G so that counts and I was 223lbs(not 180 like i am now). lol


Tomorrow I HAVE to hit some back!!!

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I attempted some back yest, but I had no motivation to have an all-out back attack. I just feel all alone when I'm doing this for the most part. I know nobody here locally that competes, nobody I talk to online is competing naturally... So I've been discouraged and fedup at the same time.


I did notice however that I've been lacking in arm development(partly to elbow and wrist problems) and need to get on it as much as possible.


Some days I don't even want to compete and others it seems like I want to give up on the lifestyle and dietary guidelines I've been living with.


Today is nice outside so I will lift some weights(duh) and go for a run outside

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please don't ever give up -- you are such an inspiration and role model to so many of us aspiring vegan bodybuilders/fitness enthusiasts... i know that not having someone physically there to motivate you is tough...but you are AMAZING to all of us on here, and every unregistered guest who comes here looking for examples of vegans in peak physical condition!


keep killin' it man; we're behind you every step of the way!

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I know the feeling very well......I've been through it for 10 years...when I started I didn't know anyone in the world who was doing it (vegan bodybuilding) though there were a few......


It's the nature of bodybuilding....we often feel alone since it's not a team sport and being natural makes us further alienated and vegan even more so...that is when we stand up and push it harder because we stand for something meaningful.


Keep on going.....make it happen.


Give me details on your show...I'll help pass the word around. Would be cool to get some local vegans to come out and watch you rock the house!


Get BACK to it!

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