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Octopussoir's '09-'10 BB'ing Competitions

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Thanks you "guyz". I won't win 1st by any means but I will go out there and have fun. That's what it's about. Plus I want to go back to eating normal and being normal.


Workout have sucked lately. No energy to do much so I haven't. Did legs Monday and I'm still sore.


I ate pancakes and agave for dinner. I felt a bit flat already so I had a treat!

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Big day today!


No matter what I said earlier I actually am excited. I actually want to do my night show unlike before when I just wanted to breeZe by it.


I couldn't find any blank CDs for the song I wanted so I'm using music that I found from last year... Thanks Alyx

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Hope you are getting them jimi. Take a rest after this and enjoy the gym again and ofcourse the outdoors. Who cares what a bunch of guys you dont know thinks about the way your body works? Bunch of strangers who didnt save any animals during their journey to the stage. You converted people who visited this board through your attention and suffering for your art. Who else up there can say that.

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So I competed at a non drug tested show today.


I competed in 2 categories. Mens Open middleweight and Mr Huntsville.


I got 1st in the Open middleweight and placed fourth in Mr Hsv out of 8. I was the very first to get called out and was quickly placed in 3rd. Then one judge was arguing with the main judge to put me in 4th and finally he agreed(damn women. Can't ever win being a man... In an arguement).


So being first meant I got to go head to head with a couple other guys at the end for overall. Well, I was let in on a secret that the overall was already picked before hand and it was a bunch of political crap going on with the promoter and the guy who won. Ah I guess it pays to know judges and such personally. Oh well. I beat out people today and finally got 1st being vegan and drug free in a non drug free event and seeing everyone munching on meat right before.


I was eating coconut ice cream(2 pints worth) before the show. Sounds weird but it helps!!!

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Congratulations Jimi!


Soooooo happy for you!


So glad to talk to you before the show and hear your enthusiasm and to now hear the results!


Great stuff!


Your results and encouraging and inspiring for everyone!


You've also worked very, very hard and we've all watched it and read about it in your journal on here. Thank you for being such a great role model for this community!


Go Celebrate Champ!!!!!!!

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