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Octopussoir's '09-'10 BB'ing Competitions

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..". I won't win 1st by any means but I will go out there and have fun


Never sell yourself short - and your 1st place likely had a lot to do with the 'have fun' part. Congrats man - well deserved!


Now the proof is in the veggies, ain't it?


..tnx for being an inspiration!

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Thanks everyone. Im kind of beating myself up right now, because even though I won first place I still cut way too many calories out and looked flat in the legs(and smaller) compared to just a regular day for me.


The next show I do I will have to have someone accountable for me. Not just me, but someone else who will make sure I cut NOTHING out of my normal diet!!!! I look back at pics from say Feb and I looked tons better(my opinion). The professional photos are not up yet, but when they are ill go and get them and post.


No, I havent worked out yet. Hell, the show was just Saturday and my whole back and calves are still sore as crap! I was tired most of the day too. Im not eating proper yet, but I will cause im already getting burned out on junk. Yesterday I had nothing but cereal. Today, Ive had cereal, 4 vegan grilled cheese sammiches, more cereal, some mini larabars and thats about it....


I looked at some pics from my wife's facebook and I have to say that I look weird compared tothe other competitors. Yeah I know they eat meat and have enhancement pills/oils, but I need not make excuses as to how I look. I just think I cut way too much out. Hell, leading up to the show past few days I was eating almost all carbs and no protein cause I got tired of eating tofu and anything else processed has way too much salt in it.....


Ill figure it out some day.

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It's a tough thing to figure out....guys like Jay Cutler who have been competing fro 20 years are still figuring it out and it's only only apparent and obvious, but they admit it too.....it's a unique sport and we're all trying to figure it out, from Ronnie Coleman to Jimi Sitko.


Enjoy your break man....after last year's final contest I didn't go to the gym for months It's a long break but even Ronnie would take months off......some only take a week off or so...do whatever feels right.


But get some rest and some calories. Well done champ.

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After the show and many bloated calories later:







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Super proud.... Ready to babysit... Aug 7th here I come, going to try to do this shit legit this time arouund! John says we ll all meet up at national this year and I believe it!!! <3 it... (kill me now as I suck down Sun Warrior)


And BTW youre post food look 30x better than most peeps post workout!

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Thanks y'all!


I had my first workout today for the first time in a week. It was weird how slow the time went. After 20min I thought I had surely been there an hour. I guess when Im forced to be there time flies and im rushed to get as much in as possible. Now I can enjoy my workouts again.


Im also thinking about retiring this log and starting a new one that just shows my workouts and food journal. Since i wont be preparing for any other shows this year I can show what I eat "off season" and show what I workout "off season" and not have people go through 50+ pages.

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All I have to say is that im very disappointed in almost all my pics from this show.


I cut out way too much and flattened out.


Here is what I found from the Greater Tennessee Valley Championships 2010.

















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Awesome man!


I'm the same way...always critical of my own photos, especially contest ones because we work so hard and it's so hard to get it right.....sometimes we look better days or weeks before or after the actual "contest day" etc.


Your most muscular pose is sooooo good!


That is such a great one for you!


Eat up man...you worked really hard for this show, you won and you help getting Vegan Bodybuilding on the map by being a champion.


Hope to see you this year....maybe DC....Boston.....New Orleans this weekend?


All the above or other shows.....have a great one!

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