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Octopussoir's '09-'10 BB'ing Competitions

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  • 5 weeks later...

Well, I havent posted in over a month it looks like.


Ive been super busy going back to school and only times im online is to do research. [making A's right now]


Ive deactivated my FB account to keep my mind where it needs to be.


I workout only 1-2 a week [have been anyway] but am going to change that and get on a regular routine. I need to keep my body healthy.... My weight is still around 178-179. I ate like "crap" for over a month and saw no weight gain or results so I quit and started back eating healthy. My muscle mass has gone done some and abdominal fat has risen just a bit. Not too much, just a lil.


Well, im working on a speech and have to get back to it. Just wanted to check in and let everyone know im still around and kickin.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Thanks Aluck... wait I cant call you aluck anymore can I?

(because the change of luck)


Ive been lifting some. There is a new pic on FB of me. Not as defined and not as big, but my face isnt all emaciated anymore. Im weighing around 180lbs morning and have been up to 187lbs nighttime. My workouts are just about twice a week. Im still lifting heavy when I can.


Im rehabbing my joints with tart cherry juice concentrate. Seems to be working better than glucosamine. In 3 weeks, Fall classes start and ill be able to lift everyday or just about everyday and get back on a weekly schedule for mass & growth.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Good to hear from you!


I know you're busy. I'm the way way. I was away from the forum for months it seemed as well and just used FB from my phone updating where I was. When I wrote my books I was off internet completely.


Congrats on getting focused for school.


Happy Birthday!


PS I'm in Nashville for 10 days.


Let's get a workout in homes.

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Thanks Joe and Robert for the B-day wishes.


I've been lifting hard and heavy now for 3 weeks. My right elbow pain is back and have been using an Ace elbow wrap for it and it seems to be working for the most part. It almost feels as if bone is grinding on bone. May get it checked out soon, when I feel whimpy.


I've worked out from last Sunday to Thursday with no stops and took Friday off. Worked out a little bit yest and tore some chest up today. I have a pic up in the photo section of the forums. My weight is about 179-183 +/-


My eating has gotten lots better and feel I will be seeing some good results from it. I'm back to eating my oatmeal for breakfast and rice/quinoa at night. No more probars as I find those hard to eat now(chewing is a pain) and do no bars. I still do sunwarrior shakes in water on a daily basis(they get me through class). I'm also taking Earthfare brand glucosamine and tart cherry juice concentrate for my joints.

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Cool man!


I trained all week too and feel pretty good about it.


I have a meeting on Mon and Tue night, but after that, totally open. Zack and I want to meet up either here in Nashville or both in Nashville and over in Huntsville. I also leave my place in Nashville on Saturday and I'd love to come to Huntsville to crash for a night or two and hang out if you're up for that. I assume no class on Sunday and you might be open to hanging out?


I can take off on Monday or just spend the day in AL for a day or two and leave on Mon, Tue or Wed. I just gotta be in DC before the VegFest to get settled there.


Let's keep in touch.


Looking good man, saw your recent pics.


Catch up soon, looking forward to seeing you mid-week or weekend+the next week.



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I just go to school mon-fri and have a night class on Thrs. It'd be cool if you wanted to come on thrs night and stay a few nights. Gym is less than 2min up the street And it would be free for you. Just let me know. U could do that then we could drive to Nashville on the weekend...

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  • 1 month later...
Just popping in to see how ya are.. Looking biggerrr in your more recent pics.. And tan haha. Whats your weight like now?



thanks. Yeah I tan maybe once a week when I have ten minutes to spare. My weight is around 183. I quit obsessing over it. I just dont care at the moment. My current goal is to get my stomach fat back off.


Every night this week Ive had nothing but brown rice for dinner. Nothing really with it just brown rice and some liquid Braggs aminos. I can tell a difference! Ive also been eating clean throughout the day(no more chili-lime veg nuggets from Earthfare) and have seen a huge difference in my energy levels. Much more now. I was starting to get really groggy and sleepy thoughout the day and now if I even try and lay down I cant do it.


Im still making kombucha and am now making kefir water. You should come visit some time yo.

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