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Pics or GTFO




Hey Zack,


Is this all because I told you I did full squats for 3 reps @ 385lb this sunday when you tried to downplay my credibility for doing 560lb 1/4 squats for reps on my 13th workset???


Man up boy; get those quads up to snuff. There are pics on the thread of the big three that RC posted for me. Do i need to copy and paste those as they seem to be the ones you are talking about? The cam barely fit them! >:-)

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I actually don't even know if Lean and Green knew I was taking this photo. It wasn't a prepared shot...I was just walking around with the camera and snapped this one.


There are other good ones that were prepared, but I'm still sorting through them. This is the one leg shot I did put online already of L&G:



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the link didn't work for those of you who aren't aware of the infamous speech we are referring to; this should work.....

Well you would have needed to remove the "&feature=related" from the url to make it work.


Had a similiar problem before and sorted it out myself.



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