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Christian Bale ANger Management!!!


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wow, thats funny. like the guy said though, it was an intense scene. its got to be a lot of pressure, starring in a movie like that. im not a fan of abuse in any form, but its understandable.


as a side note, american psycho is one of my favorite books and i love picturing bale as bateman. he played that role beautifully.

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Bale was accused of "assault"; since charges were not filed nor an ensuing trial, there is no proof he did anything.


I think he's an intense person, takes his craft very seriously; and I have some degree of understanding of similar outbursts. I do think it was extraordinarily over the top, and, ironically very unprofessional, which is what he accuses his victim of being. That type of overreaction sounds like a person with a lot of pent-up and displaced rage.

I'm just glad vegans don't have to claim him anymore. Maybe that's what happens when you start consuming violence again.


I'mYourMan, you can't post that and not give even an idea of what that rant's about! Sounds like a doozie.

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