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Newbie from Norway!


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I am a 22 year old girl from Bergen in Norway. I have been rading a lot on this website lately, and other vegan boards, and I have finally understood that vegan is the way to go. I have pretty much been a vegetarian since I was 12, but lately it has not felt right to me anymore. I wondered what to do...I have read so much about animals suffering in the meat- and dairyindustri, and I just couldn`t ignore it anymore.

To be honest, this is hard for me, the last 1-2 months I have been trying to eat meat and fish, wanting to be able to eat what all my friends and family are eating. I feel terrible about it and I know vegan is what I need to be; for myself, the animals, and to show my friends that it s possible to eat cruelty-free!


By writing this, and joining this forum, I want to put my old eatinghabbits behind me!


I look forward to posting my meals and my workouts here! And I really hope I will learn a lot about the vegan fitness life, and get to know all of you in the prosess!

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Hi Julie & Welcome!


I'm sorry to hear you have been eating meat without wanting to.It can be very hard around friends & family, when you cannot eat the same as everyone.But just remember, its not your eating habit that is weird, wrong or awkward, it is infact their habits that are wrong.


Just refuse to eat anything you dont want to, & eat lots of what you can! I often eat loads of potatoes & veg to make up for the hole on the plate that meat leaves.


Good luck & hope you find lots of advice & help on here.


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