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Why are radio people so annoying?


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This can also go along the lines of why radio music is so annoying.


But I agree on the hosts all too much.


We have a very popular rock station here with the number one morning show. I used to like the morning show a lot and they also used to do animal rights psa's for our group (that was LONG ago). Well, we started doing a campaign against a restaraunt for selling Foie Gras. (The restaruants phone number was actually 801-foie-gras!) Anyways, we were berrated and hated on for weeks on the morning show. One of the radio hosts was so angry he actually went to eat at the restaraunt, ordered foie gras, and ate it rightin front of us while we were protesting!


It didnt work though. During the time we were out fron the restaraunt their customers dropped. Friday and Saturday nights were no longer busy, hell, it was a ghost town in their when usually it was their busiest nights!


They stopped serving foie gras because of us and the radio hosts shut up about it.


Take that Kerri, Bill, and Gina!

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She is such a sweetheart, but when they were making fun of her for being a vegetarian she really should have politely stood up for herself. There is nothing worse than a non-confident veg*n...but I still love her!


I think she was just being nice and polite....she is so genuine (from what I've seen in many videos). I'm totally falling for this girl!


She seems super awesome in so many ways! So nice, friendly, kind, caring, gracious, humble, sweet and thoughtful among many other things.

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