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Buying equipment in Australia


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I'm hoping to set up some strength training equipment in my garage. I have limited space, as I still have to keep a car in there, so what I'm thinking of doing is getting an Olympic barbell, weight plates, some free standing squat stands, spotter stands and a bench. The kind of set-up I'd love would be something like this, minus the rowing machine:




Here's a link to some squat/bench stands in the USA

and some spotter stands


I've been searching around looking at barbells, plates, benches and squat stands and have found a few that I'm going to enquire about. The only thing I haven't been able to find at all are spotter stands. I'm thinking that it could be something that I could have custom built, but I have no idea how expensive that would be. Any suggestions?


I found these squat/bench stands from a QLD company. They have a decent weight rating (250kg) - https://www.hartsport.com.au/ishop/stock/item/6-369


I was told about a NZ company that makes really nice equipment and they ship to Australia with reasonable prices, so that could be worth looking into. LINK

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