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Muscle aching is even more intense today.

I already look forward getting on my rings tomorrow morning!


@Zack: The kids are doing great! Marla loves her little brother and always wants to knuddel and kiss him!

You are correct: Although its winter and I do not have melons (I eat lots of oranges instead...) I feel strong and motivated and I will get back to 210 soon. I have lots of trust in my muscle memory!


@Steej: I could get melons as well I assume but they are absolutely out of season...

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  • 1 month later...

I was lazy concerning training during the last month. I have no excuse except that my family was really demanding. Nevertheless I managed to work out every now and then and did yoga quite regulary (scorpion, headstand etc).

I ate 90% raw the whole time.

Here is what I typically eat during a normal day:



The only cooked food I eat is some potatoes, rice etc with vegetables or a little bit of bread for dinner.

When I checked my BW yesterday it was 181. That means I added about 7 pounds. A few days ago I bought myself a barbell with 280 pounds of steal.

I will do squats and deadlifts sonce I noticed I need those for developing the massive physique I had two years ago.

I will start squatting and deadlifting today and do BW-exercises as well. I will focus on a whole body workout.

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As I wrote before I bought a barbell!

I will post pics of me working out with it soon.

I deadlifted a little bit (132 pounds/3 sets/about 10 reps) as a start since I still have to build a rack for squats.

The resulting muscle ache is quite intense

I have to increase the weights slowly because my joints (wrist, elbow) have to get used to the training first.

I will train upper body today.

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Training is progressing very well!

Thanks to "MUSCLE MEMORY!!!" I already do deadlifts 10 reps with 90kg (198pd.) and biceps curls 10 reps with 45kg (99pd.). I will soon have my rack for squats ready and will add them to my weekly routine which also includes ring training (chest, core, upper back, iron cross, dips), handstand training with handstand push-ups and many yoga asanas.

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I will be taking a vacation with my family from Monday for 2 weeks. I will do yoga and bodyweight exercises (maybe even at the beach as a VV2007-revival!).

I will enjoy the time with my kids and Anke and will be back soon and even more laid back then before!

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I miss flanders...he is one of my all time favorites and when people talk about vegan vacation 07 his name comes up as one of the favorites for many people.


He has also been one of the biggest supporters of Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness over the past 4 years that we have had this current forum.


Miss you David!

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Hey Robert!


I miss you, too, and you are one of my all time favorites as well!

It is great to see how vbb&f grows all the time and how you tamih!

Magnus' prophecy from 2007 concerning my bb-ambitions became reality. I am much more into yoga than bb right now and I am in a yoga teacher training class right now.

I still do some exercises in my personal gym but the focus shifted.

Every once in a while I visit the forum but I do not invest as much time into writing posts than before.

I want to stay in contact to those I know personally or via online-conversations. Many forum members I have strong emotional ties to and I am really interested in knowing how their life is going. I just noticed that I am still on position 27 concerning overall posts


No need to miss me because we are all connected through our positive feeling towards eachother.


See you,

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Cool and I totally respect and appreciate that....my friend Ravi who you met at Vegan Vacation is doing the same thing....he is not on the forum anymore, is now a Yoga Teacher and loves it! He doesn't do bodybuilding anymore but he and I are very good friends and visit each other often as we're only 3 hours away in a car.


Great that you are pursuing a real passion for you. I will keep in touch for sure. I want to know how your family is doing and seeing updates of them growing and great stuff like that.


Yes, your name comes up a lot as exactly what you said...close emotional ties, people really connected with you very well and I have recently seen a few people from Vegan Vacation 07 and they remember it well.


Have fun doing what you love to do....that is ultimately, the most important thing.


All the best!


Thin thin him

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So you want to see how they grow? This pics cover the time from late summer last year until today.

Milo is already 1,5 years old and Marla is 4!


















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That's what I'm talking about! Making it happen! Love seeing the pics! Been watching them grow for years now and it is excellent!


Fun to see friends and their families over the years. I really appreciate the pics and I know Jessifly and Tasha and many others will be pumped to see these too!


Great stuff, your family is great!

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Thanks buddies!

I feel blessed by having the opportunity to accompany these wonderful little human beings on their way.

Parents face the challenge of having to enable their kids to leave them and master life on their own. I enjoy every second in the presence of my family. They teach me to to enjoy being completely here and now.


Again thank you,

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