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Member 1729 : An Introduction.


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Ah, the nerve-wracking introductory post. Hi. I'm Dan, from the South East of England. I'm 29, vegan (duh) and I enjoy lifting and capoeira. There are currently no pictures of myself available for viewing, but this will be remedied over the next few days.


As my 30th birthday is impending, I have set myself a challenge of achieving a profile on VBB in the next year, ideally in the Bodybuilders & Strength Athletes section. I still have a fair-to-middling distance to go to achieve this goal. Routines/pics/journal to follow.


I've been lurking for ages so it's awesome to finally make myself part of this community. I'll talk at you all further in due course...

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Welcome Dan!


Great to have you here as part of the community. I look forward to seeing your progress and look forward to having you as one of the athletes featured in the profiles section.


All the best and have fun! Welcome aboard!


I miss England and want to go back sometime soon! I haven't been in years after two visits a couple of years ago.

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