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Those were cute, lee . Did you ever get a date?

. What do I get if your guarantee doesn't work?

You mention Vegan Body Building and "Thrive" in some of those videos - very nice.

Hi robert, i had a date before Valentines cos on that day I worked 9 hours at the gym and later I had to go to my club job and came home the next day at 3am...


So if things dont work with you Robert what you get is free gym pass in hollywood and downtown L.A. area from me. in hollywood we have 100 class a week: pilates, gravity class, yoga, judo, mix martial art, dance, cardio class, etc.. And I can give you one on one swimming lesson if you dont know how... I'm gonna make one about weight lifting but my friend told me to give him one month so he can get bigger. he used to bench 300 pounds.. And next week I'm making one about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu take downs - 2 of my friends who used to be high school wrestling teams are veggie and vegan and now they are all into that crazy mix martial art stuff - but ofcourse we will add in vegan and educational stuff with some silly comedy..

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