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3 Vegan Bodybuilders Competing together April 25, 09


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I wanted to start a fresh thread with some brand new updates. Right now we're 9 weeks and 3 days away from getting on stage.


Forum members Lean and Green, Octopussoir, and robert are all competing in a bodybuilding competition in Phoenix, AZ on April 25, 2009.


Each one of us will provide NEW and CURRENT photos and videos and possibly some commentary about them.


Here is my first entry from today's workout:


It was a great workout for Lean and Green and I today and we had our camera with us.


Here are a few pics and videos....Lean and Green will post his soon too:


We're having a lot of fun and making some great gains!


February 18, 2009 updates:













Tri and Tri --- Lean and Green in the background:





Warming up with 105's getting ready for 110's:




110's - I struggled on my own so I had Lean and Green get the first rep going for me. It's not the prettiest set in the world, but it's what I did and some sets are better than others. It felt good and I'm continuing to get more comfortable with 105's and 110's each workout. I know can go a bit deeper and as I get deeper I should continue to get stronger. 115's are near. I want to get 110's for a few more reps, and a bit deeper and then move up.




One more video just added......this was a quick video between workouts today. I was very hungry and quite tired so please ignore my pauses, my dragging on, and my stumbling over words at times




We'll keep this thread active with our current progress and it should be really exciting to watch how our bodies change. We're having an incredible time and we thank this website community for the great support we're getting.

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Thanks dude.


I'm finding more videos on my computer from today


Bicep curls:





Struggling with 105's! I have some great sets with 105's and some not so great sets, but figured it was good to show both sides of it. This is a side of struggle. I didn't get very deep, had a slow first rep, my 2nd rep was awful and the 3rd wasn't deep at all. Some sets are like this. I showed a success clip of 105's and thought I'd show a set of a failed set of 105's




And a little Thank You here:


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Here I am less than 10 weeks out:


My Post Workout Snack(ProBar) Yest after Squats and Sprints:




100lb DB Rows:






Seated Cable Row and Hammer Strength:






My attempt at a Quarter Turn:



Most Muscular:



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Dude, I'm loving the pics! We're all making great progress! Stay motivated, stay after it and keep on hammering it out. We're close, only 9 weeks away now!


Great stuff, I really enjoyed seeing the photos...now I'm pumped to really smash my back and bring in more thickness and more detail over the next couple of months.


Thanks again for posting these!


All the best! I just finished my 10th workout in 11 days. I think I need to rest a bit like I did 2 weeks ago taking the entire weekend off. I'm lifting heavy for nearly every workout and it's tough to keep up this schedule...so a bit of rest is coming my way....for the record though, I have been getting up to 10 hours a sleep a day, so that has really helped me keep that training schedule so active.



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Nice Pressing there RC, the 105 sets are looking strong.

Form is good, even when struggling to get that last rep, you keep your back firmly on the bench,

No back arching silliness.

As you pointed out, you've got to go a bit deeper on the 110s, but next workout I'm sure you will hit that...

When your wrists start to fall to the side try squeezing the dumbbell hard with your hand - Not sure if this will work for you,

but it helps me to keep the Dumbbells straight etc.

Looking forward to seeing more

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Thanks for the feedback.....I had fun pressing those dumbbells......


Octo.........man, what can I say?????? You are lean, dense, and have great size and detail. That most muscular pose is pretty incredible!


Thanks for taking pics frequently, this is great and something we'll look back on and smile and be glad we documented it well.


I look forward to filming more training sessions, more photos and having fun. I most look forward to April 25th when we all meet up on stage. It's going to be awesome!


Great progress so far! Lean and Green is in great shape too and is busy working all week/weekend but will post some stuff soon too.

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Here I am less than 10 weeks out:


My attempt at a Quarter Turn:



That is a perfect pose.


Most Muscular:



You have one of the best bods, perfect proportions, yet huge muscles.


Best of luck to you.

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Rob...sick definition and nice mass too!!Your forearms are 2nd to none!(as ussuall).amazing tri definition too...then there's your calves(grown into cows of course!).Your really looking phenom man.

My Honest critique though is to hit those UPPER pecs.That's the only spot I see (barely) lacking...some incline press,dumdbell/barebell oullovers, and incline flyes are badass too.But WOW!!


Octo...unreall definition and mass bro.Be curious to see a leg shot.But your GONNA do amazing no question.I'm speechless.


Good job dudes....all the best and hitter HARD!!

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Thanks AVO, we really appreciate it. We keep working hard! I spent 7.5 hours in the gym over the past 2 days and I think Lean and Green spent more time...not all training with weights, but all kinds of preparation be it weights, cardio, stretching, posing, learning, etc.


I was going to go back for a 2nd session today but wanted to tan to take some photos tomorrow. So I went tanning (spray tan) and it will smear if I sweat, so I am just going to work on the computer, eat and rest up.


At the tanning place, I snapped these photos today. Sorry they are a bit blurry. I couldn't really see what I was shooting...I just held the camera and pointed at the mirror.


Here we go.


This is me not pumped and 8.5 weeks away from the stage. I'll get some pumped soon too:







HAMSTRINGS/CALVES......and a bit of my A$$














I tanned in order to take pics tomorrow, so I shall get pumped and do that. Tonight was just for fun at the tanning place.

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Thanks Phil,


They are not "big" but they are a strength for me because they have pretty good shape and when I'm "in shape" pretty insane definition...thanks for noticing the wheels....I like them


OK, here we go....lots of pics coming but I planned to take some and I'm sure many are interested. Lean and Green and I met today for a hardcore workout. I mean it was tough! I trained 4.5 hours, he trained longer. We're still convinced we're not over-training, but we are being careful not to do too much....we're sleeping lots, supplementing (including during our workouts), eating a lot (including during our workouts) and we have a lot of fun...we train, we eat, we socialize, we flex, we do cardio, and it's just a really, really great environment for us to thrive and we've been doing just that.


All the photos are on my camera, so I'll have to get them to Lean and Green for him to pick some out soon. Some of his were extremely impressive, perhaps more impressive than any I'm about to post. The kid is hardcore and has made amazing gains. I can't say enough about how far he has come in such a short period of time and how serious he is and how much he cares about this contest. We're having a great time and today was another one of those hardcore workouts that we're becoming to enjoy, especially training together.


Here are my pics in order of when they were taken. He'll post his soon and I'm sure Octo will keep us up to date with where his physique is....and I know it is way up there and we're very proud of his progress as well.


Here we go:


Biceps/Triceps workout today for me and then some more tanning pics at the end.........


February 25, 2009

























A little bit of tanning.....so for these ones I'm not pumped...this was 2 hours after the workout. But of course I'm flexing, just not "pumped up" like in the training photos:











Things are coming together and are more fun than ever! We still have 2 more months to get totally ready...and will hop on stage (all 3 of us) in exactly 8.5 weeks!


Again, Lean and Green has some incredibly impressive photos that are on my camera and hopefully he'll get his hands on soon. We're hammering it out tomorrow too...he has Legs, I have Shoulders. It should be pretty crazy

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Lean and Green updated photos taken the same day as mine:









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