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3 Vegan Bodybuilders Competing together April 25, 09


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Awesome! I heard about this and I'm very excited about it! I spent some time with Alexander Dargatz 3 years ago and it was great!


All the best in your competition! I'd love to hear more about the events....you should post it in the our Europe section so other members from Germany or nearby can attend!




We have more and more members from Germany joining all the time and I would to have them know about your contest in case it is near them.


Go get em! Have a great time! Fantastic to see more vegan athletes competing!

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Thanks man....we're working hard........this is the hardest I've ever worked preparing for a contest and it is really, really tough!


It is fun....but it is tough.


Here are some results so far...I haven't missed a workout in months (aside from 2 days in Hawaii back in Jan).


March 3, 2009 RC





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March 10, 2009 Venice, CA at Muscle Beach


7 weeks out:


I still have a lot of work to do when it comes to leaning out certain areas, but wanted to show some updated photos. My legs are really getting there...my abs, lats, arms, etc. still need some work, but we'll get there.


Updated pics from March 10th:





















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Thanks Brian!


We are indeed filming a documentary about our lives leading up to this bodybuilding competition. We have nearly 30 hours of footage and will likely have 100 hours of footage by time we finish filming in May.


We didn't mention our documentary at first because funding was so touch and questionable and I didn't want to say anything and not be able to follow through. Because of the support we've been getting, we've kept on moving forward and now we're confident everything will work out, though we are still seeking support as we move forward.


We'll have many more teaser videos to come...we are all so busy filming, fundraising, training and working that it is hard to go through the footage and edit things together at this early stage of production. We still have 3 more months of filming and this documentary should be due out in Fall 2009.


Thanks for the support!





Vegan Bodybuilders poised to make history with April 25, 2009 competition


For immediate release – By Robert Cheeke


VeganBodybuilding.com members Robert Cheeke, Giacomo Marchese, and Jimi Sitko are competing on April 25, 2009 in Phoenix, AZ at the 2009 INBF Best of the West Bodybuilding Championships – Pro Qualifier. We wish we weren’t making history but it seems that we probably are. For the first time we’ll have 3 (or more) Vegan Bodybuilders in the same competition, on the same stage, in the same weight class, at the same time. We wish this would have happened a long time ago, and perhaps it has, but as far as we know, we’re going in there to make some sort of statement for vegans in athletics and to make history for veganism. For information about the competition, please visit this link: http://www.donrobinsonproductions.com/inbf.html


We have been training extremely hard, working out 2-5 hours a day, pushing ourselves through each grueling workout, demanding excellence from our workouts and diets, and we are determined to make a difference, save lives, and promote veganism in a unique and positive way that should influence many.


If you are in the Phoenix, AZ area or live near by, we’d love to have your support in attendance! Or even if you live far away but want to be part of this historic event and watch it live, we’d love to have you there! Bodybuilding is a tough and demanding and expensive sport. On top of normal costs, we’re all flying to Phoenix to take place in this historic contest, staying together in a hotel and will be doing photo shoots, media interviews, etc. while we’re out there promoting our cause. With the added expenses, we have been welcoming and receiving donations from various members of the vegan community, family, and friends. All of my income from my various jobs is going into this project and it is exciting since we’re less than 7 weeks away! We’re still in need of additional support to make sure we all get out to Arizona for this event to make it happen. If you find http://www.veganbodybuilding.com valuable, or want to support fellow vegans determined to have an impact, please consider making a donation assisting three great representatives of the vegan movement in the upcoming competition. To make donations, please send them to: [email protected] via paypal (note the er ending) or mail any donations to:


Robert Cheeke

6103 NE 6th Ave

Portland, OR 97211


Anyone can make a donation, you don’t have to be in Arizona, or be a member of http://www.veganbodybuilding.com, but a simple paypal payment goes a very long way and all payments sent to me (Robert Cheeke) will be spread evenly among the three of us committed to this competition. I am handling the expenses for all of us including flights, hotel, etc. so sending it directly to me is the most efficient way to facilitate this. It’s going to be awesome and we’re really pleased to have your support!


There are many other ways to support our efforts and get something in return…you can purchase a Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness clothing item, a Vegan Fitness Built Naturally DVD, or purchase Vega or Sun Warrior (two of our sponsors) products through our http://www.veganbodybuilding.com website and website forum.


You can also visit a NEW website dedicated to supporting our efforts here:




Thank you in advance for your support!


All donors will be acknowledged and thanked.


Check out our Blogs/Training Journals for our latest journals and photo and video updates: They are all found on the http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/phpBB2 forum and one link to get you started is here:




Thank you again,


All the best!


Robert Cheeke


Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness




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Hey Hey! Looks like the cat's out the bag


This has been amazing journey so far and i'm extremely thankful for RC's friendship as my brother in iron and the fellowship involved as a whole in this project with myself octo (jimi), brian (bvp) and of course RC!


@ROBERT your link doesn't work. You forgot to use the hyperlink in the address bar. The one in the embed doesn't work. This shoul......


it takes funding for a project like this and i'm glad we're able to continue on and now let everyone in on it. Perhaps it makes a bit more sense why we have been continuing to ask.


In the end, as long as this community simply exists forum members like the current base remain and post, I have all the support I need! Bit a little bit goes a long way in making sure we're able to do this the way it should be done. We're working hard on outreach to a wide community all over the internet.


Ok, time to get my day started; stay tuned!!!!!!!

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Yeah, I had a bad connection last night but fixed the link this morning.....had good parties in Beverly Hills and L.A. promoting the film....even went to a RAW party with Tonya Kay, Brendan Brazier, Koya Webb, etc. and Tonya introduced me to the whole room and introduced my movie and allowed me to talk about it...it prompted post-production people to talk to me....a guy from Pirates of the Carribean was there who worked on the set.....man LA is full of connections!


I'm loving you guys......Lean and Green........you were the FIRST person contacted about this project, then bvp663 and we're so happy to have Octo as well.


We're a great team and we're making it happen!


I'm very pleased with all of your work-ethic towards this project.............I'm off to Venice Gold's to see Jay Cutler now....will be in touch!


I love being back in the movie business


Still small scale but we're growing and getting there.


Without the support from forum members over the past 6 weeks.......my dream and vision may have been on hold...thank you all so much!

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Thanks Richard!


You're like SUPERMAN!





Actually, I was going to ask if you could make this image in a full size page so I can print flyers and posters for it.




Any chance you could make it in a full size page just like other flyers you've had for me? That would Rock Tank! And if some could be made 4x too, (4 on a page) that would rock.


You are the man!!!!

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I think April 25th will be a milestone in vegan bodybuilding. All you guys look really really good! All have different strong parts, combined you'd be unbeatable! Now, all we need is a vegan frankenstein built from your parts.


I'm really looking forward for the documentary too!

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A few pics from tonight:


March 16, 2009







Lean and Green and Octopussior....where you at?


Let's see some updates!


Yeah Buddies!!!!!!!

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right here RC!!!! I focus more on the vlog on our blog section but I figured this should be posted here and since this thread is meant for us, I might as well contribute to it


For those who haven't seen this on my blog yet or youtube....


20_POSING, which I am terrible at_(03/16/09)

6 weeks out, showing what I got. Please no criticism. I am aware of the fact that i'm the WORST poser on earth. Just so show progress and you'll see how much better it improves once I go to a posing trainer and actually practice! Stats. 184.5lb in the am approx 5-7% bf.....

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