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3 Vegan Bodybuilders Competing together April 25, 09


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This is me 3 weeks before contest.


My back is still sore but today I was quite mobile. It hurt during the posing but I went through some poses anyway because today was the nicest day of the year in Portland...lots of SUN today!


Still have my usual issues with Abs....and Lower Body is light years ahead of upper body


Legs are better than most my size (I think) but upper body lacks in many ways. Have pretty dialed in nutrition program for the next 3 weeks and should be much tighter, especially in the abs, etc.


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Lean and Green and I compete together, head to head on Saturday!!!


This is a warm-up competition to the showdown with Octopussoir on April 25th in Phoenix, AZ!


Here are the details:


Anyone who comes to support us gets a FREE Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness shirt, likely other free things too now that Lean and Green is running http://www.veganproteins.com and I always have my hands full of Vega, ProBar, etc.


PLEASE come out and support us!


This is the RETURN TO THE STAGE for both of us! For me it has been 2 years and for Lean and Green is has been about 8 years.


The show will be very small, not that many competitors at all. In fact, I already know from talking to the President of the INBA that in one category there will just be 4 of us (lean and green and I plus two others) and in another category it could be only Lean and Green and Me head to head!


We'll come home with some hardware and we look forward to it!


Please come join us and bring your camera, you'll get a VBB shirt when you arrive so you can wear it during the contest...I'll give them to a forum member to distribute, etc.


Here are the event details:


Northwestern USA Natural

Bodybuilding Championships +

Oregon State Forever Natural


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Clackamas High School

14486 SE 122nd Ave.

Clackamas, OR 97015

Contest Info


Special Info



Ms. Fitness

Ms Physique

Ms. Figure

Model Search

Contest includes all classes

Entry forms must be recieved two weeks prior to the competition date!




Days Inn Portland South

9717 SE Sunnyside Rd

Clackamas, OR 97015


Contact: Jim Marks



3 Years Drug Free

Qualifer for Ms. Fitness USA

National Qualifier




Registration & Testing: Saturday Morning at 8am at

The Host Hotel

Days Inn

9717 SE Sunnyside Rd.

Clackamas, OR 97015


Prejudging and Main Show will be held at:


Clackamas High School

14486 SE 122nd Ave.

Clackamas, OR 97015


Prejudging: 1pm

Main show: 6pm

Ticket prices:

Pre judging: $15

Main show: $25, $35

Vip package: $45 (prejudging and a main show ticket first eight rows)


Cash ONLY at the Door!




For info Contact ABA/INBA Main Office (951) 734-3900


Main info ABOVE in BOLD



Hope to see you there!



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Current Stats in Red, Stats from 19 days ago in black


Body Weight (am, empty stomach) 172lbs 182.5 lbs

approx bf: LESS 7.5%




Shoulders 46 1/2" 48 1/2"

Chest 40 12" 41 1/2"

Waist 30 3/4" 32 1/2"

Arms 13" 13 1/3"

Hips 38" 39"

Quads 23" 24"

Calves 15" 15 1/2"

Forearms Same 11 1/2"

Neck 16 1/2" 17"


Diet has been SUPER regimented and STRICT, especially as of the last 9 days.

No more creatine for over a week or AAKG.

Diruretic herbal extracts being taken right now to be bone dry for saturdays show.


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Now I am "up in arms" wondering who is going to win with only 5 days to go!





Me, taking a moment to entertain Ravi by posing in his house>

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I'm looking forward to hearing about the results from the show! I'm sure you'll all do really well



I am VERY eagerly waiting for pics and vids from the comp. You all look fantastic and represent veganism as a true choise without compromises.



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I'm very proud of the Vegan Brothers in Iron!


We finished 3rd, 5th and 6th of 8 in the open middleweight division at a Pro Qualifier so we're pleased with our results. It was extremely competitive. Sure, we would have loved to have placed higher but we did our best and battled with some great physiques.


More updates and photos to come later on.


Thanks again for supporting us!


I'm proud of everyone for their efforts and results!

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