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Vegan Prawns


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I don't know if this is the section for it, but I found these vegan king prawns.




They're made with: curdlan gum, veggie gum, veggie root starch, paprika, water, brown sugar, sea salt, and veggie seasoning.


I don't really do meat replacements but I figured I'd give it a shot since, well, I can report back to you guys. I was scared that it would really taste like shrimp (since they really look like it) and gross me out, but they were pleasant and slightly sweet, that's about it. Very fresh taste. I put them in pad thai and it added a nice texture.

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I have had these prepackaged meat substitute products also. Cant say I care for them much. They have a funny taste to them...with the exception of the tofurkey products I do think they are alright in sandwiches. There are good recipes for hamburger patties, but you make them yourself and they are pretty good.

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