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Apple's before pics *now with progress pics!*

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I'm just starting the P90X workout program (minus their bad meatlover's diet plan) because I'm hoping to tone up, and dare I say, maybe bulk up. I think it would be fun to prove to my family that I could be muscly AND vegan AND a girl.





arm flexed


body shot


Body measurements:

chest (underbust): 28

waist: 24

hips: 37.5

bicep: 11

forearm: 9

thigh: 21

calf: 13


Right now, my arms are pretty twiggy, and I hold almost all of my body fat on my butt and thighs. So I'm hoping the plyometrics will help me with the leg region, and the chest/back/arms/shoulders workout will make my arms look more impressive. I've had 6 pack abs before, so I know already that I can do that again.


I'm looking forward to coming back and posting some progress/after pictures to see where I get!

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just some progress pics to motivate me along. I feel like I could be doing better, and I was afraid that I hadn't progressed at all, so here we can see that I HAVE! I'm going to do even more, this shit is addicting!




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One more...I forgot an ab shot, which is crazy since I'm actually starting to like my abs!




sorry for the crappy photo quality, I'm using the mac-cam thing, since I lost my digital camera cord months ago...

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i see the difference in your biceps! looks like your lifting is paying off, are you still doing the p90x?


do you have a journal on here also? i thought it was you i posted on a while ago but cant seem to find it, i suck at this internet thing adn i have to leave for work in ten mins so im a little rushed anyway apologies if i remembered wrong but i think you said something about eating 12-1500 cals a day? everyones body is different but i think you might see even more progress if you upped it a little. dont get me wrong, you look super good and really fit, but youre on the skinny side and sometimes its hard to adust to eating enough to make up for increase muslce % and workout time!


oops that was such a ramble. anyway, keep up the great workouts and dont be afraid to chow down so your great bod can do its best at building up that muscle!



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Thanks everyone! It's really helpful to see real changes, and is exactly what I need to keep me motivated right now.


Andy, here is my log: http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=17152&start=30 I'm still doing P90X, but not quite faithfully. I think I started it over 90 days ago, lol. But I have to say it's a pretty good workout system. I actually have a bit more of an appetite with all this exercise, so I'm mostly between 1500 and 2000 calories a day, depending on how much I do or how hungry I am. I've definitely been eating a little more protein (60-80g/day) and can see that just that little bit extra helps me out quite a bit!

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hey there- I just joined these boards. I've been only doing p90x for 3 weeks and see a difference. How did you do?

It's rough----I actually had to stop for 4 days because I caught a virus but I'm starting up again tonight.


I too wish I had your midsection.

I'm short-waisted and just will never have that look.



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