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3 year veg*n journey

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Hi everybody,


I read but Ive never registered before. I was vegetarian until a month ago so I never felt like I fit in. Now Im not quite calling myself vegan, but Im on my way. Im a strict vegetarian for now striving everyday to make vegan choices.


Anyways, Ive been veg since 2007 and Ive seen major changes in my body. Ive really come to understand my body and become more aware of what Im putting in my mouth and the effects it has. My body is the only one Im ever going to have and Ive really come to appreciate it. Anyways, Ive dropped 30lbs since September 07 from 5'2 at 165lbs to 134lbs. These are my shots!


http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v222/a_teenage_anthem/September22nd07.jpg September 07, starting at 165lbs.


http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v222/a_teenage_anthem/November19th07.jpg November 07



December 08


http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v222/a_teenage_anthem/Jan20th08-1.jpg January 08



May 08 after a 3 month break due to injury



December 08



January 09 at 134lbs.


My exercise regime started with light cardio (30min x 3 days a week) and heavy lifting (1 hr x 5 days a week). I gained a lot of muscle and felt fantastic, but by the next year I had plateaued around 145. I decided I had to work harder and started running in September 08. I dropped down to 134 by Jan 09. At first I really struggled but now I crave the intense cardio. I took all forms of diary and eggs out of my diet on Jan 1 09. Im trying to get down to 130 before I visit my boyfriend in another city in 4 weeks. Im running in the morning(x 5 a week) and lifting in the evening (x3 week). Ive also switching my carb heavy meal to lunch time.


Anyways, Im not sure I can get past 130 as Ive got larger frame, but I'd love a toned lean stomach and great arms. I also want to run a 10k sometime this summer. Thats next on my list

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This is why I keep hanging around


Most of the other veg*n's I know are overweight because they replace with carbs. Its so inspiring to see all these athletes living the right way....


Thanks everybody



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You look incredible!! Congratulations! I find that high intensity interval training (HIIT) is really helpful with losing fat, and it really helps your core muscles develop too.




I started doing these a little while ago; they completely wear you out in a half an hour workout. They've also helped me to run faster and for longer stretches of time when I do my long runs on the weekends. They might be just the change in workout that you're looking for.

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