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Progress pics these were in January, updated w/new pics

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Any help is appreciated. All are no cardio, lol.

Weight: 177 lbs

Height: 5' 7"


Show is in April, will post up current pics, and I am sorry for the size still figuring out how to decrease the size.




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Awesome! Great small waist and wide back, and awesome quads. Of course arms are huge and looking swol!


So you are 7 weeks out....that is awesome!


What show are you doing? I am 8 weeks out....so we're competing around the same time! I look forward to watching your physique change.


Looking great 7 weeks out, please let me know about the show in case I know people in the area to tell them to go and support you in it.


All the best and keep on pumping...you are coming along well!

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Looking good. Keep it up. You have some good symmetry going.


I am 9 weeks out myself doing the Bill Pearl Classic in Bend as middle weight if I can diet down to it. My last show was as a heavy weight, but a small heavy weight. Keep up the good work.

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Thanks, I enjoy all the amazing support, and to answer some of the questions, I have been vegetarian since I was born, and became Vegan about 1998, I will get a meal plan up asap with my next photos, had a posing consultation with a friend and also natural bodybuilder winner who said I may not even need cardio, just more posing?! I think it was attributed to my lean physique, praise god!.


I will definitely keep it up, and Best of everything to all the others who are competing this year, we can do it!

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