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Progress pics these were in January, updated w/new pics

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Pics coming soon, I have just been busy training, I look in the mirror and can't believe that is me.


I have felt this way before too! I recall just smiling as muscle striations are popping through my chest, etc. and just feeling really proud....like, "this is really me?" after putting in all the hard work.


I look forward to seeing your updated pics! I also posted some info in the bodybuilding section about pre-contest diet. We'll have you on the main website very soon too! Thanks for your profile.



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Awesome pics!


I got your last e-mail but need to go find it again....if you still have your profile questions you can send them directly to:


[email protected] along with photos.


Richard, another Admin takes care of that and sometimes I lose things or I'm slow to get things done but he's much faster than me


Looking awesome!


If I come out to AL to visit Octopussoir in the future, we'll have to meet up for sure!

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