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Free Holiday Drawing from VB&F #4


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Ok, here is another one. Free Drawings are fun


This time it is vintage Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness clothing. I'll give away a couple of blue t-shirts in this thread. These are the original ones we made back in 2002. They have the www.veganbodybuilder.com e-mail address on the back and look pretty much the same as the current ones, with logos on the front and on the back.


Have fun with it. And remember, when I announce who won, please contact me with a mailing address. I should be contacting the winner but sometimes I forget


Happy Holidays


Robatron 5900

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Sorry I've been all over the place lately, but I had my sister draw numbers today.


She drew two numbers.....3 and 7 so that is Gym Hater and Flanders.


I will be adding another item tomorrow assuming I get in front of a computer.


Thanks again for your participation in the holiday drawings.


Winners....I'll get the shirts sent out soon. And yes.......Richard (I think it was)....we are ALL winners


-Rob-a-dom dom

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