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I Need a workout partner for this evening (ABS!) Interested?

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RC is gone; my girlfriend works around the clock. I'm training for a competition only 7 weeks away. I would really REALLY like to do some hard core partner assisted exercises for my core/abdominals.


It will be very intense but you don't have to do exactly the same, you can alway do it less intense.


I just basically want someone to train with me so they can help me with exercises that cannot be done alone.


Anyone have any interest?


A 24hr fitness gym; preferably 4th and Columbia or Hollywood (41st n Halsey)



let me know.

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It went AWESOME! Natasha is a pusher and really motivated me and rocked out herself. She's really strong!


going forward I would like to offer anyone who wishes to train with me or train them and anything you wish to donate will go fully towards all 3 of us evenly down the line. I wont ask for payment or advise an amount. Most are aware what an average hour session goes for. You give what you feel comfortable and it will help all of use as a whole


I can also advise online regards to training or diet if you feel this is a better way to give and take.


I'm around peeps and always at the gym.... budday


Thanks for the quads compliment also ; MUCH APPRECIATED!!

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