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Joel's training journal

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Yesterday was my maiden powerlifting comp, was a pretty good day.

Most of the really strong lifters were sitting out the comp because there are nationals to prepare for in a few weeks but there were a few guys who have a lot of potential.

I'm pretty happy with how I went, a 500kg total and won my weight category - albeit just one other guy...

There were 4 MVS lifters at the comp and all were very impressive, especially considering 3 of us were in our first comp.

I ended up with a 180kg squat, 125kg bench and 195kg deadlift (new pb)

Squat - It was my first time using knee wraps and am still shocked at how much of a difference they make, I think I'm starting to get the confidence to use them properly when i squat and to just 'drop' into the rep.

First set was 160kg - Felt quite easy, the wraps just sprung me right back up.

Second set was 170kg - Again it felt pretty good

I went for 180kg on the third which felt quite good again, it's much easier than trying it raw. Was pretty happy with that.

Bench press was next.

First set was 117.5kg which felt pretty good, I'm still not used to the paused reps but I guess it shows how strong I really am, compared to just bouncy stupid weights off my chest.

125kg felt ok, was more of a struggle though compared to how the first set and the squats felt. A couple of people watching said it looked pretty easy - was pretty happy because I needed to at least get that to get the 500kg total.

Tried for 130kg on the third but failed just below half way up. Not too disappointed, just means I have to work a bit harder on my benching. Bring on the bands now!!

Deadlifts were the last event and I had to get a pb to reach the total I was aiming for.

177.5kg was the first set and went up no problem

I then lifted 187.5kg, again it felt pretty good, so I then went for 195kg which is a pb and also would bring me up to the 500kg total.

Normally I would get psyched out when I go for pb's, which has happened to me a lot but I think the coaching from Noah and Robert Wilks at Melbourne uni helped me because it felt pretty good lifting it, I just tried to lift fast and the weight went up.

All in all it was a great day. Noah was the overall winner of the day with a 600kg total, it is great to see the MVS boys dominate.

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Thank you!!!

I appreciate the support everyone has given!

The next comp is in September, about a week before my bodybuilding comp, it will be interesting powerlifting and looking more like a bodybuilder.


Here are a few more pics





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Thanks mate!


Had a small session last night, wanted to test out the bands for the first time.

Just did a bit of upper body stuff, might do some legs tonight.


Bench press - Bar x 20

60kg x 5

100kg x 5

125kg x 3 x 3 sets - couldn't resist going heavier than I intended

Pushups with bands - 6 x 3 sets - Used the two really small ones, felt weird to start with but the type of resistance was awesome

Bench press with bands - 60kg x 6 x 3 sets - Used the two small ones again, I can't believe it took me so long to discover these, they will be very beneficial

One arm chinups - 5 x 3 sets

Military press - 60kg x 6

85kg x 2 x 2 sets

Dumbell skullcrushers with bands - 20kg x 6 x 3 sets



Back to strict dieting, comps are only a few months away and I need to get lean but retain as much strength as possible


Meal 1 - Ultimate meal shake - nearly finished, excited to try the vega

Meal 2 - Lentil burger, broccoli, chia seeds, raw quinoa (soaked it overnight)

Meal 3 - Same as meal 2 but had tempeh instead

Meal 4 - 10g BCAA's, yerba mate, 15g spirulina

Meal 5 - Sunwarrior shake, 3g creatine - so glad to have some more Sunwarrior. I think it is just as good as the Nitrofusion, just like the fact it is raw and tastes awesome

Meal 6 - Packet of tempeh, hummus, pita bread, mixed green salad


Dieting has just started... will slowly start cutting the calories down over the next few weeks and bump up my cardio

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Congrats on the lift dude!


Glad you got the pkg; let me knopw when the rep is selling round your way and i can work on it.


That's a solid team there bro; CHAAAAALK, EVERYWHERE! SIKING ME UP BIG TIME to start lifting heavy a$$ weight asap. Only prob is my shoulder which i can work around and now my damn knee i think i pulled it lifting a fence stake out the ground while landscqaping and then hurling it to where it needed to be. It never ends.


I am glad to see you doing so well my friend; it keeps the fire in my belly to keep going. DO IT

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Thanks for the support mate, all of us are breaking down stereotypes in our own ways!

Am loving the gear you guys sent to me, the cap and t-shirts are getting a lot of use - wore them into GNC the other day when I picked up a rawfood bar and the guy was saying that he is interested in giving veganism a shot because he has never felt comfortable consuming animal products. He said he will check out the VBB site... I think he was a little surprised that a vegan was a lot more muscular than him!


Had a short workout last night - have started training at my parents place a couple of nights a week - left my old gym and will focus on training at the powerlifting club and with my brother, along with MVS.

My brother's gym has everything we need, although I'm looking around for a decent power rack to squat in and use for pullups - at the moment we have a chain hanging from the ceiling with the chinup bar attached, it spins around a bit when we're repping out on it.

I just did a little bit for legs, back and delts.

Squats - Bar x 20

60kg x 5

80kg + 2 mini bands x 5 x 5 - made such a difference going through the positive portion of the reps

Deadlifts - 60kg + 2 mini bands - 5 x 3 sets

Static lunges - 60kg x 5 x 3 sets

Pullups - 6 x 3 sets

Lateral raises - 10kg plate + 1 mini band - 5 x 3 sets - the bands put me to shame - couldn't really hold the plates up to get a contraction in my delts as the bands were pulling my hands down.


Meal 1 - Vega shake, coconut water, chia seeds - awesome stuff!!

Meal 2 - 2 slices of sprouted rye bread, chia seed and sesame seed mix ( I soaked them together overnight with a little bit of spirulina), spinach leaves and a veggie burger.

Meal 3 - Tempeh with broccoli and 1/2 avocado

Meal 4 - Sunwarrior shake, 3g creatine, yerba mate

Meal 5 - 10g BCAA's, 3g creatine, 20g spirulina

Meal 6 - Same as meal 2, except used tempeh in place of the veggie burger

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Hey - I know I'm late but I was out of town - congrats on the comp!


Thank you!


Great looking workout bro, so the bands are pretty tough huh??? Might have to give them a try sometime!!!


Yeah the resistance they provide is very different to just lifting free weights. They'll train me to lift faster, which will give me more power

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Trained with a mate of mine last night - we've been planning it for a while now, just haven't had the time to fit it in.

Just did some squats, chest, triceps and abs


Squats - Bar x 20

60kg x 8

100kg x 5

140kg x 3

165kg x 2

Dumbell bench press - 25kg x 8

35kg + 2 minibands x 6 x 3 sets

Bench press - 60kg x 8

100kg x 5

120kg x 3

135kg x 2

Bench press w/minibands - 70kg x 6 x 3 sets

Dumbell skullcrushers - 22kg + 1 miniband x 6 x 3 sets

Trunk twists - 10 x 3 sets

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Meals for yesterday were -


Meal 1 - Vega shake, chia seeds

Meal 2 - Sprouted rye bread, chia/sesame seeds mix, Sunwarrior shake

Meal 3 - Tempeh, broccoli, chia/sesame seed mix

Meal 4 - Sunwarrior shake, yerba mate, creatine

Meal 5 - BCAA, spirulina, creatine

Meal 6 - Lentil burger wrap, spinach leaves, tomato sauce. 1 packet vege chips

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hey joel you can use the bands for jumps too. I usually wrap myself in a band and have someone hold the ends of it and then broad jump. The resistance it provides works really well. If you do some jumps afterward without the band it is amazing how much farther you can go. Glad you liking them.

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I'll have to try using the bands for more plyometric type stuff, so many things to try now, so little time.


Had a workout with a mate today - a bodybuilding workout, with machines... As good a pump as I got, I don't think I will be using any machines again - or do so many exercises for one bodypart like a bodybuilder.

Just trained back and abs...

Three different types of vertical pulling movements and three horizontal pulling movements - so much wasted energy doing repetitive exercises.

Looking forward to going back to my own style of training!

Diet has been ok this weekend, trying to plan out my supplementation for the upcoming competitions and will post up exactly what I will be taking when I've got it figured out

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Haha! True indeed!


First session back at the powerlifting club last night... feeling pretty sore today...

The program I have is basically starting off with lower volume, higher repetitions - kind of like a textbook bodybuilding program, minus all the pointless isolation exercises. Over the coming weeks it will revert back to more volume, lower repetitions, which I will be thankful for because as hard a time I have sticking to someone elses' programs, it is worse when it is actually a program I don't like. I'm a bit rebellious like that, I tend to go off and do my own thing most of the time.


The workout was a lighter bench, squat and deadlift session with a little bit for arms.

Bench press - 40kg x 6 - wasn't meant to do that set, miscounted the weight for some reason

60kg x 6

85kg x 5

100kg x 3

107.5kg x 6 x 3 sets - Didn't realise I was supposed to wait for the coach before i did my 'heavy' sets and did two before he pulled me up before the third. Didn't matter so much, he said my form wasn't so terrible this time..

Dumbell bench press - 33kg x 10 x 3 sets - Was painful doing 10 reps, I'm really not used to it

Dumbell curls - 15kg x 10 x 3 sets

Skullcrushers - 33.5kg x 10 x 3 sets

Deadlifts - 60kg x 10

95kg x 10 x 3 sets

Squats - 60kg x 10

80kg x 10 x 3 sets - Was pretty painful towards the end, kind of reminded me why I stopped bodybuilding style training... I seem to grow better without having to go through the lactic acid induced pain.

Was supposed to do situps but had already trained abs the day before and will train them again tonight.



Meal 1 - Vega shake

Meal 2 - Lentil burger wrap with hummus and spinach leaves

Meal 3 - 130g Tempeh, broccoli, chia seeds

Meal 4 - Ribose, GPL-Carnitine, Yerba mate, 10g BCAA's, pre workout Arginine/NADH drink

Meal 5 - Sunwarrior shake (2 scoops) with maca powder and 15g spirulina

Meal 6 - 2 lentil burgers, hummus, chia seeds and mixed salad


Supplements - I never really write down the supplements I use but seeing as though I have ordered a few things in from the U.S. that I've wanted to try I figured I would get my supplements more in order.

Currently I'm taking Vega, Sunwarrior, Ribose powder, GPL-Carnitine, BCAA's, stimulant free Arginine/NADH based pre workout drink, Vegan DHA/alpha GPC supplement. There are a few other things I have at home that I'm just finishing off but the ones I listed are going to be the main ones I use while I'm dieting

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