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Five year old wisdom

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Hi all,

I was so inspired by this that I broke up with my boyfriend.


A five year old handed a leaflet to a well-groomed, educated top KFC executive and said, as he handed the leaflet, "It is not nice to be mean to chickens either you know."


THis was, as you can probably guess, at a KFC protest last week. THe top KFC ceo was at the Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame to accept an award (God knows for what), and as he was walking in, this insightful little boy said those words to him. I thought to myself how ironic, that such a young child could get it so right and such an educated man in an Armani suit did not know this basic moral and spiritual principle - that is, treat alll living things with kindness.


Anyway, I went over to his parents and told them how impressed and inspired I was that they were raising their two sons to be kind and to go against the "status quo" and not to be afraid to stick up for defenseless, oppressed beings. Wow!!!


SO I went home and I broke up with my boyfriend. Now I must admit that this was a long time coming but that was the straw that broke the person's back. And the source of the main conflict was this: there is NO way that I am teaching my children that the way society views its relationship with animals is correct. NO WAY I am teaching them that is okay to treat animals like commodities, here for HUMAN pleasure. My kids will revere all life, and will learn to walk on the earth as gently as possible and to "live and let live." My boyfriend claimed that he had no problem with that, but could not guarantee that his "family" would "understand" or "approve" or "be supportive" or "not sabatoge my attempts to instill these most basic yet imperative principles."


So I said, "Then you need to marry a "Less Compassionate Girl", because my kids will be compassionate and brave warriors. Not candy asses that are afraid to do the RIGHT thing because of what others think or say.

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I know first hand how hard it is to be a vegetarian child in a very un-veg friendly world. I have a five year old daughter and I know it is tough for her to be different. I try to be helpful and understanding and to guide her. There were times in my life where I gave into peer pressure and ate meat when I was little. I expect more from her.

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I will always go against the grain and my belief is that we don't own our children. They may have a genetic connection but they are each thier own person. When I wsa pregnant I thought of myself as an incubator. I was exceptionally strict on my diet, and my exercise routine and made sure that I breastfed my daughter for at least 18mnths to give her the best possible start in life. She was fed only whole food, no sugars, no junk. She never liked the taste of meat, so I never fed her any.


I'm sure there had to be more of an underlying reason that just the children issue as otherwise I'm sure you could have come to some agreement. I am an optimist. I believe in the greater good of all mankind. My glass is alawys half full as aooposed to half emtpy. I believe that my daughters generation are the ones that will create compassion and harmony in this world. She is free to choose her own path, whatever that may be. I can guide her, and give her reasons to choose my chosen lifestyle, but she is also an entirely different person who's opinion matters and will one day make a valuable difference. Hopefully she will follow in my footsteps, but is she doesn't I'm sure (as she is a compassionate and caring human being), that she will choose the one that is right for her.


I'm sure now Nat you will find the most ideal gent so long as you are congruent and know exactly what you want in a partner. Good luck on your new path, may it lead you to where ever you want to go.





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