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Thanks sydneyvegan! I sometimes surprise even myself in some pics, especially the ones from the backside.


Here's couple more, taken just few hours ago:




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- AWESOME general shape

- Biceps

- Triceps

- Shoulders (WHOA )

- Pecs

- VEINS!!!




- One can never be too big

- Lats are good but lacking size compared to shoulders (probably just posing issue)

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Thanks, guys!


Tuc: I think my lats really aren't quite as big as they could, compared to shoulders for example. I'll definitely focus more on them in the future. It also seems I could become quite a bit bigger by just ending these diets I'm always on. Somehow I'm just too careful not to become fat and as a result, eat like an average woman. I'm still 76 kilos / 167.5 pounds. Should probably forget about dieting again and gain another kilo or two during the spring.

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Sorry I haven't replied earlier - been busy with all summerish stuff. My diet consists mostly of various vegetables (surprise!), oils, nuts, beans & soy in different forms. I also eat some fullcorn products like pastas/noodles and occasionally some bread. In addition to this I use protein shakes daily, usually made of rice- and/or pea protein.


I've worked out frequently for 3-4 years, but it hasn't been my first priority sport for longer than a year now. Before I was very active runner and biker and thus my oxygen intake seems to be rather good. I still bike everywhere, but not so many of those several hour trips nowadays.


Currently I'm 2-3 kilos lighter than in any of these pics here, due to the summer. I'll try to post some new shots next week.

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cbob had some problems with his joints before, but now he's worked really hard and the difference in his tighs is huge! The progress has also been really fast, i started training my legs around the same time and he started out with his, and now he's doing everything with at least twice the weights as i am i'm so envious! His tighs are much bigger than mine, and i've even got lots of fat there, unlike he with his iron legs No but really i'm just proud of him!

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Haven't posted anything for a while, but I'm still very much alive and kicking.


Here's a fresh photo with the aforementioned "iron-thighs" included




I'll post more of my current workouts etc. to my log-thread.

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Thanks, appreciated!


So far my best in bench is 107.5 kg / 236.5 lb. In deadlift and squat I haven't had guts to really try the max, but I've done sets in both with 135 kg / 297 lb. Really looking forward in increasing all these numbers during the next winter. My bodyweight is currently ~73 kg / 160 lb and I usually gain 4-5 kilos in wintertime.

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Partially motivated by candyflip's record breaking, I also put my legs to test last Thursday. I had already deadlifted and cable rowed for 10 sets each, so I probably wasn't in 100% strength. Still, I managed to squat twice with 150 kg / 330 lb. My technique is not too great (I tend to keep the bar on my neck, in stead of upper back muscles where it should be?) and thus I don't have plans to squat with bigger weights before I've adopted the Correct Way.


Rock on.

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Nice Wheels Cbob!

Getting a great overall physique there.

There are a few threads on Squatting technique on here, so maybe check those out.

Vegan Essentials and El_flaco have both squatted some massive numbers, so I find their advice very useful.

Main things I would say are

1. Bar on the Traps (As you mentioned) on the neck you can pinch nerves etc, so not good.

2. Depth!

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