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Its been a bit


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Hello people, Its been a while since I wrote something new. So to all who have joined a new since, I try to welcome most of you, but I have been slacking, so WELCOME!

My name is Tom, I am a licensed massage therapist from Ohio with a great knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

If your hurt, just ask and I will try to help you out.

To all that know me, HIYA, how have you all been.

Me, I just clobbered a deer doing 70mph, thrashed my car, back, and had to cry over the death of a female deer.

This winter actually almost killed me, death by mind, but I think I made it.

Anyone have anything cheery to say, please say it.

Talk soon,

Tom Zinni L.M.T

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I read this, this morning, but no time for the dexterity moves.

I was just gonna say HIYA back at ya, and sorry for the deer part. Guy on the other block has a car like that parked in from of his parents place. Before I knew the story and I asked if everyone was OK, because of the way the car looked. He said it was hecka experience.


Good to read your type.


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Well i just got here but I must say that the fact that you cried over the deer is hella sexy. And if I was near you I would definitely go to you for a massage.



men who care about animals are HAWT! but i am still sorry to hear that that happned to you (and the deer) good to see ya around.

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well i am really happy that i have some girls kinda flirting with me somewhere, for sure dont here at home.

It is very sad that the deer had to die, it was my first thought after the fact, first thought as it happened was FUCK.

I hope I am never again the cause of a life being taken.

On that note, it seems so sad that this whole world is in a slump, and maybe they dont want to call this a depression, but for fucks sake a lot of cats and kittens I know are sure depressed.

So again if anyone that reads this has any sort of thing that gets them through the day, any happy place, just put it here so I can read it and for one goddamned second in these hard days i can smile, I sure would appreciate it.


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Hi, zinzen,


Seems you're going through a rough period, and believe me, we ALL have them about something, sometime. One thought to hold on to is that the worst of the feelings will pass.


You could not control the situation with the deer. There was no intent on your part. I won't tell you to just forget about it, but maybe start to accept that it happened and fault and blame have no relation to it.


One thing that can help is to be active in volunteer work. It's very satisfying to the self, so it's uplifting; but it also makes someone else happy and effects a difference. Nothing is too small.

In fact some of the smallest acts are the most profound. Sometimes, just smiling not only can help someone else, but just the act of physically smiling can affect the person doing it. Some people actually practice it


Obviously you work out, but a great mood booster is an exercise of greater movement, such as running, basketball, jumping, etc. Weightlifting gives its own boost, but the cardio has a lot to offer as an alternative, and has a more "playing" aspect to it, or competitive spirit such as in a sport with others.


And don't forget nutrition's role. When feeling the worst, eating super-nutritious foods is most critical, even when it's the time we're most vulnerable to junk eating and "comfort" foods.


It may seem trite, but if you're feeling like you need something to smile or laugh about, maybe something like a movie or dvd will get the ball rolling. Get something shallow and stupid Not too hard to find!


Things will look better soon, you'll see. And remember that every single day YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE as a vegan. You have saved the lives of many sentient innocent beings, the ones you know of and more that you don't.

Focus on the future

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Oh, zinzen, you asked for something we do or happy thoughts. One thing that helps me is to sing (but I sound horrible, which is always funny) to some good music. Sounds stupid, but I sometimes get up and dance by myself, of course, and it's fun.


Oh, and stay away from negative, toxic people! That's a big one; especially important when feeling blue.


If someoone is around, instead of overtalking whatever the issue is, playing a game is fun. Can be a board game or active game. Strip poker never fails (kidding!)


If you have a non-human animal friend, spending time with them is always therapeutic .


I see you feeling better and better every day.


Cheers and hugs

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Me too.


Hey zinny, hang in there, we just passed the spring equinox. Your days are gonna be sunnier soon... literally and figuratively.


Are you doing any cardio these days? To me, there's nothing like a little endorphins to cheer me up. And, do you trade massages with other massage therapists?

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