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pulled stomach muscle

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Hello! I got a pulled stomach muscle on Monday while doing physical therapy. My PT checked it out and said it's only a pulled muscle and to take it easy.


Its on the right upper side, near my ride/side of the body area.


Well, today, as I have been sitting here at work, the pain MOVED to the left side, right above my belt line, and i dont feel any pain on my right side for now.


Is this normal for a pulled stomach muscle?


It feels like I have gas built up in the left side basically, and when i pass gas the pain eases.



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Not really. The abs are all one muscle, separated by fascia. The gas thing makes sense, because it's putting pressure on your sore muscle, and when you fart, you release that pressure.


I could be wrong.. I've never pulled a muscle in my abs before.

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Is it a side stitch?


Did your PT call it anything other than a stomach muscle? I've been dealing with what seems like a pulled muscle on my right side right below my lowest rib. The discomfort seems to come about when I've eaten recently, but I'm pretty sure it's the edge of my diaphragm rather than a failing gall bladder!


Seems to be related to internal pressure and it also gets much worse when I run (I seem to remember it starting while running a few weeks ago, and it's in the correct area). I think mine is a bit tender now and when I have a full stomach that's enough to pull on the diaphragm and make me feel it. What I eat doesn't affect it, but quantity does.


Perhaps your pain didn't move, but something else moved to relieve pressure but then it pushed elsewhere?

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