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Boca Products to go Egg-Free

Vegan Joe

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I helped with this shit, we at MFA busted our asses and wrote mad letters and e-mails, and you shouldve seen the bullshit responces I got back from the PR asses at Kraft.

We started a boycott, and I am happy to say that now I can eat the lazy vegans food again!

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next if it just wasn't manufactured by one of the largest animal experimenters in history. thanks Philip Morris for tasty vegan treats. FU


i don't understand that. why are we supporting a potential vegan product when it is owned by Kraft, which is owned by, ya, a huge tobacco company? you can assume the animal testing that goes on there.


Pringles looks vegan, can i eat those? oh ya, but they're owned by P&G. i guess they're still ok to eat though. and Silk soy milk, even though they're owned by Horizon.


it's almost like christians when they pick and choose which verses to use from the bible to fit their lives, seems like vegans pick and choose which non-vegan companies they want to buy from to fit their lives.


*shrugs* lol .... woah, i seem grumpy ahaha

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