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Howdy All


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Hello! 22 yo guy in Vancouver, BC here. First-year Kinesiology student as of September (nerves shot, completely).


Just getting back into veganism after about a year break (was vegan for about 6 months before that). Can be hard without a supportive group of friends, but I'm working on that, too.


Been lifting for around two years now, recently (2 months ago) started a new program that I worked with a trainer on, and have been happy with the results thus far. I focused before that just on losing weight, as I was quite a bit heavier, and lost about 110 lbs, all said and done. Now it's time to fine-tune things a bit - bring on the visible abs!!


Anyway, looks like a friendly board. Glad to be here



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Welcome areaman. Kinesiology is a good course, good luck on it. As for supportive friends, its a matter of committment and with what you believe is right. Althought friends would help, morals and ethics should come first. Good luck on your training and feel free to ask any questions.

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Hey AM,


A fellow Canadian!!! I think you and I are the only ones on this site. I am from Toronto.


Ya I know what you mean about the lack of support for veganism. That is why the people on this site are awesome and amazing and exceptional people. Their perseverence, self-discipline and altrusim inspire me daily.


Keep in touch with us here.



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