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What's up Portland?

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Funny thing....the night I flew back from D.C. after seeing 8 forum members in D.C. I showed up at my gym and saw 6 forum members, all there on their own doing their own thing and none of us knew the others would be there....that is how much Portland rocks


About 12 of us go to the same gym in Portland....Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness

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Gotta say that's my favorite of the Porland Gyms. Went to fourth and columbia last night AND twelfth and Johnson. I like the one on fourth better. And just a warning to any forum members that might meet up with LeanandGreen in the future...if he says "4th and Johnson" it doesn't exist! HAHAHAHAHA. Go to 4th and Columbia.


Robert, I was 10 minutes away from meeting you last night with Giacomo but we had to take off. Bummer. I'm sure I'll meet you soon enough man.

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