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Free Holiday Drawing from VB&F #5


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I'm running low on variety since I haven't done much with the clothing in many months. I've been focused on finishing up my movie Vegan Fitness Built Naturally and starting some new projects. I will get more clothing items coming out in 2006.


But for now I'll give away another Vegan Fitness Team t-shirt. These are ringer shirts, white with blue rings and blue text. You can seem them in other threads or in the image gallery section of the Vegan Fitness Team.


So, you know how it works....just reply and post anything (except saying "you suck") that would't be very nice and then you are entered.


We have had a bunch of winners so far and all you have to do is hit "reply" to get a chance at an awesome free shirt.


Good luck!



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I had my co-worker (also a forum member) draw a number for me today. The winning number is #5 which is Cristian.


Congratulations Cristian. You see consistency is key. I think you entered each one and it paid off, and it was quite easy, just leaving a


I'll get in touch to get your address and shirt size.


I might do one more drawing tomorrow for fun.


I love giving away hundreds of dollars worth of Vegan Bodybuilding stuff each year. I know that many of you already have Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness shirts but I'm glad that we still had people participate in my drawings. It's fun for me too!


-Happy Holidays,



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