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Wash on spin cycle

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Progress is coming along, but still needs some work.


Pudgy Party smoker girl non vegan 2003 age 25 150lbs ?(don't be cruel




80/10/10 thin thin Spaghetti arms lol, VV08 No weights, cycling only (105lbs)



Was hating weights with a passion VV08.



Hooked on weights Changed diet, still raw, but no 80/10/10

Modeling VBF Feb 09



March 28th 09, training harder each day. Trained Arms, and Abs 3hrs




Changed my diet added 60-80 grms of protein per day

March 29th (112lbs) Trained Legs and Shoulders




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Incredible progress! Well done. But you looked a little bit better with some fat/mass on your body. Don't get too skinny.


I agree with that... You've lost a lot of weight (fat), that's hard work I think, but don't overdo it

I'm looking forward to see more muscles

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Your transformation is crazy. You look like a totally different person in just a couple years. I'd also like to know what your diet is like now. I never got into the 80/10/10 or even really knew what it was. I just ate lots of fruits and vegetables. Haha. But anyway, great results. Keep up the hard work and you'll show'em how awesome raw food is.

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Aw look how wonderful you guys are..


Thank-You so much. I worked really hard to get were I am at. And I feel so great inside. I have loads and loads of confidence. And thanks to you I gained more motivation


Everyone on here is absolutely right, I'll never go back to be that thin. My mom nearly dead when she looked at how skinny I was. I didn't think it was a problem. I thought as long as you feel good on the inside, then I shouldn't worry what I looked like on the outside. I seriously thought back then that I wasn't skeleton looking. I ate a ton of fruit, I mean a ton of fruit. Ask my room mates how I ate. No supplements, no gourmet foods, no spices, rarely nuts or seeds, no powders.. The more instant carbs I ate the more energy I burned. And it was either on my bike riding hrs and hrs at a time or running long distance. So I did that with lifting no weight at all, now I know why I couldn't gain any muscle. I lost it all just from riding everyday.


On my earlier pic, I started getting back to the gym and going to classes, started running again and lifting weights, going to boot camp, and I gained muscle, probably because I had all the extra weight. Stop drinking, parting, and smoking when I turned 26. My diet was pretty much what bodybuilders do when they are cutting. So I gained a lean muscle physique. Sorta what I look like right now.


I been at home for a week and already I've gained 7lbs of muscle.

Before I move back home I was nearly 103lbs. I wasn't eating enough and also putting hrs at the gym. I felt like shit every morning. I just didn't have any money to afford any food.

I knew deep down inside I needed to do something about it. I made the hardest decision to go back home and leave my friends that mean the world to me.

Now, My mom has been filling the house with my favorite foods to eat. Fruits, vegetable, sprouting things, smoothie stuff, salads, she's even buying a dehydrator for me to experiment with gourmet foods. Should be really interesting.


I landed a full time job, had maintenance on my hair, and teeth, my passed injuries, car maintenance. I'm getting all washed up here. It's the most wonderful feeling to have. I'm able to afford things and not having to worry about how much I'm spending.


Here's some preparing and eating pics ( I eat like Giacomo (Lean and Green) he's tough me everything he knows)


Spouted mung beans, also I sprout a lot of Chick peas



Two servings of Sun Warrior with bananas, and strawberries.



For something sweeter, dates and almond bars (a smart man's home made Lara Bar)



Two serving of Smoothie Infusion (I still had some left before I went away) I blended bananas and mangos.


I'm running low, hopefully I can make it last until the next order comes.


I do eat more, but just haven't gotten around to taking more photos.


I'm open to more questions, comments or concerns.


I feel so grateful from hearing all this positive fed back from all of you. So many thanks, again <3

I'll make sure to keep this thread up dated. Cheers and all the best.

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Thanks Offense, and Dave


Zack you're right my mistake, I guess over a period of a month or so.

Lean and Green, thendanisays and Robert provided me with food in March. I didn't weight myself until I got home

The last time I weighted myself was when I was at 104 in Feb if I remember correctly.

I weighted myself last week now at 112.



I'm oot and a boot.




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