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I have striations in my glutes!

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I didn't post this in the photos section because I don't have photos yet (but there is some video footage of it for our documentary).


For the first time (that I know of), I have striated glutes.




Lean and Green








I am having a terrible time even walking right now because of a lower spine injury so I won't be doing any posing for photos in the next few days, but when I recover, they'll be revealed!

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I just posted a youtube video in my training journal and in photos section that will show some of these lines in my glutes that I talk about. Watch in HQ (High Quality) and you'll see all kinds of lines in my legs and butt!

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first, congrats on your sweet new ass.


second, i dont know if you remember but I hurt my back pretty bad a few years ago and I have to tell you, DUDE pilates, and yoga make a HUGE difference. Pilates for strengthening the little stablizer muscles, and yoga for stretching out your hips and hams, which pull on your back alot. Mines not always great but those two things help me alot. SO DO THEM!!!!


love ash

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