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Raw Foods/ Vegan Books for donations/trade for cycling gear

chesty leroux

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Hey guys so here is the deal, I am fundraising to ride my bike across the country for charity and build houses while i am doing it with habitat for humanities. I am so serious about it that I am getting rid of a majority of my stuff. I have some awesome books that I wouldn't otherwise part with


BUT i have a fundraising deadline tomm april 10th!


So, if you want to make a reasonable donation to bike and build in my name (keep in mind its for

charity and i still have to pay shipping) you can have one of these books. Not only do you get a sweet book, but you get the satisfaction of knowing that your money is going towards helping people.



I will also barter for cycling gear, I need shorts, SPD pedals, multi tool, sunglasses, seat bag...


ALso I have a sweet pair of vegan Doc MArtens UK 7 i wear a ladies 8.5/9. They are made out of burlap looking material and super awesome. i wouldnt part with these if it wasnt for this bike trip either. I think these are one of a kind, PM me for a pic.


PM me for more information!


Books Available


The Raw Family- Victor Boutenko



A vegan taste of North Africa-Linda Majzlik



Free the Animals! _ Ingrid Newkirk



The Raw Truth- Jeremy Safron






The Raw Life - Paul Nisson



The Sunfood Diet Success System-David Wolfe



Animal Liberation- Peter Singer



The Hippocrates Diet and Health Program- Ann Wigmore



Recipes for Longer life- Ann Wigmore



Shazzie's Detox Delights



Living in the Raw - Rose Lee Calabro



Raw juices can save your life- Sandra Cabbot



Juice Fasting- Paavo Airola



How we all went raw Charles Nungessen and David Malachi


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