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Lobsteriffic's Training Log - Oct. 31st Marathon Here I Come

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Saturday, January 16th:


Ended up at the gym 40 min. early so I did some ab stuff, some negative push-ups, and some stretching


60 min. spin class


Smoothie with spinach, protein powder, banana, frozen fruit, and flax

Salad with romaine, white beans, radish, onion, carrot, and mustard dressing; apple, orange


Misc. veggies & fruit (at a birthday party)

1 glass non-alcoholic punch

1 glass red wine

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Monday, January 18th:


Swam for the first time in 1.5 months. Ugh. I still suck as bad as I did in November.


My pool is still closed so I went to another one that is on campus (this one is 25 yd instead of the 25 m one I usually go to). Did 400 yds broken down into:

25 yd. freestyle

25 yd. breaststroke

50 yd. side stroke


Did that 4 times. Took me 20 minutes.


Still swallowing too much water...


PM: stretching, negative push-ups, some ab stuff


Smoothie with spinach, protein powder, flax, frozen fruit, banana

Salad with romaine, carrot, radish, celery, mushroom, and mustard dressing;lentil soup; orange; blueberries

Oats, banana, carob, walnuts, agave

Some chocolate

Chipotle kidney bean stew; broccoli

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Thursday, January 19th:



95 x 5

105 x 5

105 x 5

105 x 5

115 x 5


Incline DB Press:

22.5 x 8

22.5 x 8

22.5 x 8


One-Arm DB Row:

30 x 12

30 x 12

30 x 10


5k on treadmill: 32:58


Smoothie with spinach, flax, protein powder, and frozen fruit

Salad with romaine, carrot, radish, mushroom, celery, and mustard dressing; lentil dal; apple

Chipotle kidney bean stew, roasted broccoli; orange

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VLV - Thanks! No, I wasn't very hungry for some reason yesterday. Probably because I overate on Monday.

Chewy - I try and follow Eat to Live guidelines so I do have whole grains on occasion, but I try to limit them to one serving a day or less. I eat tons of legumes though, which have carbs



Wednesday, January 20th:


450 yd. freestyle....would do two lengths (50 yds) and then rest for a bit


Don't laugh, it took me 25 minutes.


But I'm definitely improving.



Smoothie (spinach, protein powder, frozen fruit, 1/2 banana, flax)

Salad (romaine, mushrooms, carrot, radish, celery, mustard dressing), lentil soup, apple

Blueberries, 1/2 banana

Beans and rice; roasted cauliflower

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Thursday, January 21st:


Got up this AM to go to gym but I was really, really exhausted. Ended up not going. I think I made the right choice. I'm going to go to bed super early tonight. Hopefully I get a good night's sleep.


This evening I did a 40 min. pilates/yoga DVD.


Smoothie (spinach, flax, banana, frozen fruit, protein powder)

Salad (romaine, white beans, carrot, radish, celery, mustard dressing); apple

Gumbo, broccoli, Swiss chard; 2 oranges

1 orange

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I decided to do a half marathon on May 30th instead of in the fall. I'm excited. So far my spring/early summer is looking like so:


April 25 - 10K

May 2 - Sprint triathlon (750m/20k/5k) --> really hope I can swim 750m by then...the swim portion is in a pool

May 30 - Half Marathon

June 20 - Sprint triathlon (750m/20k/5k) --> this one has an open water swim...would like to do the Olympic distance but I'm worried my swimming won't be up to par...we'll see I guess.


I can't really plan for the rest of the summer/fall because I have no idea where we'll be living.


I'm excited about these 4 events...a little worried it might be too much though. But 2010 is the year I really want to push my limits.

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Cool! Are you still planning on your marathon for later in the year?


Friday, January 22nd:


AM: Ran 6K in 39:48


Noon: Swimming - 30 min. Didn't keep track of yards.


1 date (pre-run)

Smoothie (protein powder, spinach, flax, banana, frozen fruit)

Salad (romaine, white beans, carrot, radish, celery, mustard dressing), orange

Chickpea & green bean tagine, roasted brussel sprouts, orange

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Saturday, January 23rd:


60 min. spin class


4 dates

Salad (romaine, sprouted chickpeas, radish, carrot, celery, mustard dressing), 2 oranges

1 scotch

Leftover gumbo, leftover chickpea-green bean tagine, broccoli

1 orange


Scotch probably not the best choice....oh well, 1 glass is not the end of the world (~100 calories, albeit empty ones)

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Sunday, January 24th:


Snowed in! Took 2 hours of shovelling to get the car out...but the streets are so bad I can't drive anywhere. Which is a shame because we have no fruits or veggies in the house and I really wanted to go grocery shopping this weekend. This city sucks at clearing snow too. I'm hoping we will be able to get to the store Monday evening...might not be until Tuesday though.

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I have some frozen veggies that I've been eating. I miss my giant salad that I have for lunch every day though.


There is a little corner store within walking distance, I am going to stop in there and see what they have. This was a pretty bad storm we had this weekend...haven't seen one like it in a few years.

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