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Pre-contest vegan diet ???

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Hola everyone,

I am not a vegan yet (just vegetarian, but pretty close ). I am planning to attend a fitness competition in August. It would be my first competing....whoalaa...Well, I am pretty in a shape already but the problem is I have no idea what a pre-contest vegan diet should be like. I have decided with a vegan diet and not vegetarian as veganism interests me a bit more.


I have researched the veganbodybuilding website and found an article about the pre-contest vegan diet written by Robert Cheeke http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/?page=article_precontest. The article looks good but I need more details:...what should one eat in the morning, etc. Besides, I believe diet for a girl and guy is different too...less calories.


Anyway, if there is anyone who already tried vegan diet and is wiling to share it, please let me know. I appreciate it.



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You mentioned in your first post that you've been bodybuilding for 5 years so I assume that you already know what works for you when cutting (low carbs, slow loss, fast loss, eating more or less meals, etc). The big difference in cutting with a vegan diet is that a keto diet is not going to happen. Without eating mostly protein isolates, it can't happen because unlike meat, high-protein plant foods come with carbs and fat.


If your contest is in August then you have months to do a slow cut (which I think is preferred). You need to find the eating style that works for you. Some people like to eat every 2-3 hours and some like only 3 meals per day. Some do well on high carbs and some on lower carbs. You may find that certain foods make you bloat, etc. Since you're new to veganism, you probably have an interest in nutrition so I'll leave links to good nutrition sites at the end of this post.


I could write out a diet plan for you but it might not be the diet that works for you. You need to know your maintenance calorie range in order to know your loss range (http://www.nutritiondata.com can help with this). If you want diet plans then you could try http://www.bodybuilding.com and substitute tofu, seitan and/or mock meats for the meat; substitute one of the plant-based protein powders for the whey powders. I find some of the diets listed on that site to be too low in overall vegetable servings, however. And I'm not a believer in super-low carb diets unless you are having a lot of trouble cutting and it's a couple of weeks before the show. I'm in a slow cut right now (12-16 weeks), starting at 17-18% body fat and ending at 10-12%. I have 2-3 lower calorie, lower carb days (I don't change my protein intake), followed by one maintenance calorie day. It allows me to maintain a social life while not allowing my metabolism to adjust to a lower caloric intake. Taking 3-4 months also allows me to figure out what really works for me. For instance, I don't do well eating every 2-3 hours and I don't like breakfast. Eating less frequently and later in the day works very well for me. You may do better with smaller meals and a big breakfast. I also don't do any cardio in my maintenance phase so that I don't have to kill myself with hours of cardio when cutting. Others believe you must do cardio every week, all year. It's good that you have time on your side since you are trying a whole new diet along with cutting.


Good luck with the competition!








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I have also used www.bodybuilding.com a lot lately.....so many bodybuilders there....I just do what I've always done...get advice and suggestions and then veganize it


That is what I did with the Body for Life challenge 10 years ago and what I still do with bodybuilding.


I just competed last weekend and won, yet I still claim to not know much about pre-contest diet...so I keep learning...I just work very hard, harder than most, so I get away with not knowing quite as much when it comes to the diet.


But the better understanding of the pre-contest diet, the better success I imagine.


All the best!

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DV and Robert thank you so much for a reply. I appreciate it.


DV, you are right the diet is more likely to be a lot different for everyone. My body fat is about 11-12% now and it has been like that for about a year (maybe more). I have been keeping it like that just by working out and no cardio. Thank you for the links. I will take a look at it and start writing my own diet. Definitely, I will keep you in mind if any questions will be raised. Thanks.



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