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Vegan Brothers in Iron TEAM photos


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These shirts were kindly donated to us by Tee's & More Custom Shop, the t-shirt shop I have been working with for the past 8 years producing Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness clothing.


The two main people missing in the photo are Jimi Sitko and Natasha West. Shirts will be given to them soon.


If you would like one, we can order one for you with your name on it for $20, but these were made for us as a gift from my great friend Diane who owns the store.


From tonight's filming and hang out session:









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The core group has been working on this project since December.


I know some of you stepped up huge in the last few weeks so we're making a list of others we'll get shirts for as it fits in the budget.


We'll also offer them for sale with custom names, etc. too.


This group seen here, plus Jimi Sitko and Natasha West have been at this for five months now....we've really stuck together through many ups and downs including nearly career ending injury, intense stress, on the verge of having to stop the project because of lack of funds, etc.


But when push came to shove, this group stuck together and we're so close now. It was so cool to show up at the t-shirt shop and request these shirts, ask for the bill and be told it is an in-kind donation.


Love it!

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Yours is already printed and in my bag


This is a TEAM effort man and you're on the TEAM! You've been there since the very beginning when you learned Giacomo and I were planning to compete and you jumped right on board.


We're happy to have you on the team and we'll see you soon!

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