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Protein powders and 100% vitamins & minerals

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Hey all, I was wondering how you determine what vitamins & minerals a broad spectrum protein combo such as pea, hemp, and rice is lacking? What ingredients would you add to the powder to get the 100% recommended daily amount? Is it as simple as just adding the actual vitamin & mineral into the powder?


Also is a pea, hemp, rice protein considered alkaline/raw?

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I cannot stress enough the misconception that adding vitamins and minerals to protein powders can make up for eating vitamins/minerals from food sources. Pure protein powders are vegetables that have been stripped of all their vitamins and minerals. You can use them to increase your protein intake but the added vitamins and minerals in them are also isolated compounds which may not work the same way they do when ingested with the usual 100s of plant compounds surrounding them in whole foods form.


The RDA or RDI is based on the average person's needs to get an adequate, not optimal, intake. If you are worried about getting enough minerals and vitamins then eat 9+ servings of vegetables (with some fruits) per day, eat whole grains and track your progress at www.nutritiondata.com.


If you are concerned with processed proteins being raw or alkaline then you may want to check out some raw foods websites. I suggest that you don't do that however, as the vast majority of the information you will find there will not be based on anything but conjecture and bad science.

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