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Science Fiction


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I agree.


I just watched Firefly which so far is my favorite science fiction television show! I just started watching Stargate SG1 and I like it so far.


Each time I try to watch Battlestar Gallactica I get so lost on confused cause I think Im coming in on the series final episodes, right?


I also like Star Trek: The Next Generation show.


Movies I'm a huge fan and I have also written a couple science fiction short stories.


Love the genre!


If you want some science fiction in books where it doesnt seem like science fiction read some Vonnegut

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I think whatattracts me to it is that Sci Fi doesn't "dumb down" to the audience. (well most sci fi....)


nothing worse for me than seeing a show or movie that has to unravel a plot like a sledgehammer! I'm surprised they haven't started using those little pop up boxes POP "He did it!!!"


looking forward to the new Star Trek movie this year!!


Haven't read much scifi lately . I think William Gibson was the last author I read.

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Ah the ending. Well done I thought.


I take it you're a fan!!


I'm slowly getting through the episodes.


I just love Gaius Baltar's character.

Not too fond of Laura Roslyn though.... might be the only character I actually dislike in the entire show.

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I'm in season 4 episode 5 right now.


Absolutely loving it!!! The Cylon in-fighting is pretty cool.

Just saw where one of the sixes offed the sargeant and was then offed by another six

so cool!


and Baltar taking a stand at the entrance to his new home! LMAO

His internal dialogues with six just kill me!

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I've been a sci-fan since I was about 11. BSG has to be one of the best sci-fi TV series ever made.


IMHO the best sci-fi is in print ( books ) and the best of the best is in short stories. There are still sci-fi short story magazines like "Analog".


Most people think buff heros is shiny costumes and lasers blowing up is science fiction. Nope that is what is called "space opera".


The best science fiction makes you think, fascinates you with ideas, is based on scientific realism and does a mind fuck.

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totally agree about the short story!

I have found over and over again that short stories have been the most memorable for me.


You just gave me a great idea for summer reading!

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just watched the 3rd Matrix film again last night.

not sure why I was disappointed with it the first time I saw it


great action and I thought it tied things together pretty well.


Definitely one of my favourite trilogies

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FINALLY!!! I finished watching Battlestar Gallactica

I'm sorry it had to end but I think they did a great job tying it all together.

One of my absolute favourite series of all time

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