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hi everybody!


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hello all,

i've recently started working out, though not very religiously, and wanted to become more serious about doing so. i came across this forum and everyone seemed so positive, supportive and friendly that i really wanted to join the community, too. there also are very bright, helpful people here that i would like to get to know and would love to pick their brains...brrrraaaaiiiinnss.


a little about me:

i'm 23 years old and live in minneapolis, minnesota. i've been vegan for just under three years and was vegetarian on and off for several years prior. my ultimate fitness goal is more aesthetic than strength oriented, but i hope to acquire the knowledge to push both of those categories beyond the levels of where i'm at now. i'd like to slim-down, tone-up, and just look pretty tough. but more importantly to me than anything else, i want to become better with a consistent workout schedule and i want to be here because you all are awesome motivators.


thanks for having me!

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