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"Sarge is insane"


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I thought this was interesting. This guy increased his squat from 220 to 550 in 3 years. And increased his bench from 285 (past best of 330) to 405 without even training it. (Did inclines though.) In the video at the bottom he squats his bodyweight (218) for 98 reps. Anyway, what really interested me was contrary to what Marunde was saying (Marunde is a world class strongman by the way) this guy's workout looks really easy to me. He's only squatting once a week and he's only going heavy like 40 to 45% of the time.

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Holy squat batman!!!

Actually I read about this philosophy somewhere else as well. can't recall where it was. But the guy was saying that all he did (for squats) was 20 reps (heavy weight) once a week and added weight every week.


I'm all for efficiency......

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