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whats your favourite drink?


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water, tea, coffee


I cannot stand tea and coffee....call me un-american and un-brittish but for some reason its just not for me.


OK....Your sooo un-American & unBrittish j/k


Definately an aquired taste and not for everyone. I know a lot of purests (no caffine). But for me I really dislike water.

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I don't drink much soymilk anymore. I've barely had any over the past year or two. No reason really, aside from cost. So now for me it is water, orange juice, other juices, and occasionally a natural soda. I try to stay away from those but from time to time I have that.


I don't drink alcohol, in fact I never have in my life. I'm not even sure I know how to spell the word correctly.


I just stick with my H2O and for juice, Orange Juice is my favorite.


When I do take in soymilk, I really like chocolate flavor.


Keep it hydrated!

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okay... will admit another one of my vices - diet pepsi or coke on the rocks is something I am addicted to. I love carbonated beverages on the rocks.


Also like perrier with lots of fresh lemon.


Also like freshly and home made lemonade.


Ice cold water (but only when I am thirsting for it).


Freshly squeezed juices WITHOUT pulp cuz i hate pulp in anything. OJ, grape, pink grapefruit, and pineapple being my favs.


Speaking of healthier drinking, I am thinking about getting that Jack Lalane power juicer that is advertised on tv - and making fresh juices at home with pure organic fruits of course. Like maybe carrot, apple and ginger juice, or strawberry and kiwi, or fresh oj and pineapple. No preservatives, additives - nothing but pure organic fruit.


Does anybody else have a juicer? if so, which kind and how is it?



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