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No more burritos!!!

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Ok! I do love Burritos! who doesn't? BUT! I'm becoming a bit bored with them. When I was a vegetarian and when I ate meat, omelettes were like a life saver, specially with left overs. I would just beat 2 or 3 eggs and voila! It's easy and its on the go type of meal. Now as a vegan I have to resort to burritos or tacos to make something fast. I was wondering if theres anything else out there that does not involved making a pita, taco, burrito or sandwich. Is there?

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Yeah smoothies seem to be my fallback, or homemade protein bars.

Depends though, sometimes I just make different salads and throw in whatever I fancy at the time, quinoa, nutmeat, grilled lentil burgers, corn, beetroot, beans, baked sweet potato and all kinds of different greens. Just different things to keep it interesting.

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Do you make your own burritos though? Changing up what you wrap in the tortilla can help your boredom too.


Yup I do. I change it up all the time.


Then you should really should just be getting tired of tortillas.


But I want something that sticks together, holds all that food. that's not a bowl! haha

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mmmm Burritos!!!

a favourite in our household.


sometimes we'll do an asian stirfry and make it into burritos


I was in the maritimes a couple years ago and went to a mexican restaurant. They had a menu item called "Bigger than your head burrito" (it was)

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It was in Charlottetown, PEI

big AND tasty!


my personal favourite is a grilled burrito.

grilled veggies inside the tortilla, then grill the burrito with a little sauce of your choice to braise the tortilla

ok I'm getting hungry again!!!

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oh Lobsteriffic..... found a new place for burittos!!!

driving on River the other day approaching Osborne st.

There's a new place called Burittos Del Rio Taqueria

pretty good! grilled veggies, beans,lettuce, cilantro, Fabulous salsa (just like mexico)


I've had better (Anna's Taqueria in Boston) but this is a big thing for Winnipeg!!!

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and Don Pedros opened up in the old market district.

quite good. I'm looking forward to going back real soon.

They have a great california burrito with rice,lettuce,beans, tomato, avocado....


we're kind of twisting this thread a bit aren't we....

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