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The Year of the Vegan Bodybuilders!!!!

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Holy crap 2009 has been awesome!


Before this year I had competed 7 times and was always the only vegan on stage. This year I've competed 3 times and in every single competition there has been another vegan bodybuilder on stage beside me! We had as many as 4 of us in one contest this year!


In addition to that, tons of other vegan bodybuilders are competing too! In fact I just got an email from kurtjs who not only competed but won his class and was given his award by none other than 2 TIME MR. OLYMPIA JAY CUTLER!


And other forum members and vegan bodybuilders outside of the forum are competing as well and it is simply awesome!


So great to see this happen after all these years of hoping these days would come!


Some of us have plans to beat that record of 4 vegans on stage this summer near Seattle in a BIG Natural BB show on August 8th, 30 min north of Seattle.


www.inbf.net for more info on the schedule.


Anyway, just wanted to say great job to everyone who has been competing this year. This has truly been enjoyable and inspiring to watch!

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I know I haven't been very active on this site in awhile . . . but just letting everyone who knows me be aware that I'm still kickin' it VBB style!! I hope to try and compete again later this year. We'll see what the cards have lined up for me.


I did my first show in the summer of 07 and weighed between 120-125 lbs on stage. I know . . . very small!! For this show this past weekend I weighed in at 139lbs. So I have had a productive 1.75 years off from the stage.


I hope to get some better pics than what I have right now from the show. When I get some I'll post a couple.


Keeping rocking out everyone.

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Here in Aus. we have plenty of vegan powerlifters, not too many competitive bodybuilders. I'll have to try and persuade some of the MVS guys to get into bodybuilding.... seems it may be a struggle as I seem to be the one getting more into powerlifting!!

Great effort though Robert, you're helping to give all vegan athletes some great exposure!

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